You Need To Read This Book

    I recently started a new book that I think you need to read. I’m not even a quarter of the way through but it is so great already and has me hooked in. It’s a self improvement book which is the perfect type book for me or anyone to read because improving on yourself not matter how small the improvement is, is the best thing you can do yourself.


    The book is called ‘The Happiness Project’ and it’s written by Gretchen Rubin. The book is about her journey to create a better life and become happier, not because she has a sad, depressing, or unhappy life, but just because she thought, “How could I become happier and enjoy life more”. That concept right there is AMAZING! Lots of books in this genre have ways to bring yourself up out of bad situations but what if you are already happy and just want to be happier. That’s what so great about this book (I know I’m not done it but I can’t see it turning into something else half way through), if you can make some minor tweaks that greatly improve an already pretty incredible life, BOO-YA I”M DOWN FOR THAT, I love it :)


    For me this book is right up my alley and so far I’ve read some of her ideas that I have already implemented and she has read some of the research articles I have on the happiness or positivity subject, so that’s really cool. 

    Oh, that’s another thing that makes this book so great is that she has done research, and I mean lots of research, on this subject so there is tons of true information she presents to back up what she is talking about.

    Mama Bird read this book first and told me about it and once I heard what she said about it I had to start reading it. After I’m done reading it, together we are going to do our own ‘Happiness Project’. I encourage you to read it and do the same with your significant other because life is pretty great but imagine if you could make it that much greater with just some minor tweaks? That’s just plain awesome.


    One thing she talks about in the beginning of the book is creating a personal set of 12 commandments that you want to live by. So of coarse I had to write mine out and print them out so I can see them everyday just like I do with my personal mantra and just general positive quotes around the house. I want to look at that stuff daily and just engrain it in my head.

Here are my Personal 12 Commandments (In no particular order):

  1. Have patience (PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE is crucial!!)

  2. Check your ego

  3. Embrace discomfort

  4. It’s ok to suck

  5. Loved ones first

  6. Always strive to be better than you were before

  7. Spread love, happiness, and positivity

  8. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself

  9. Exercise every single day

  10. Be honest

  11. Be fair but don’t expect fairness in return….(also applies to niceness)

  12. Enjoy everything you have

    Now it’s your turn, start reading the book, create your set of 12 commandments and make your life happier. Let me know what you think down in the comments below and don’t forget to have a great day!

- Papa Bird