You Need A Good Set of Values


    Something that every parents want to instil in their kids (at least we hope they do), is a good set of values and morals. It’s to help them become the best person they can be. Something to keep them grounded and on track, when life throws curveballs. Something to help create a lasting powerful impact on whoever they meet throughout their life.  And those somethings (values and morals) are best taught by a leading example.  And as easy as that sounds, it’s quite often the missing link. 

What’s the first step?

    First and foremost it has to be a joint effort. You and your spouse need to be on the same page. Which means you need to have multiple discussions before baby is even around just to make sure you can lay out each of your key values. It’s always about good communication. If you don’t talk about it you each might be missing out on key points that each of you want to teach your children.  Thereby leading a confusing example, especially if the ideas conflict.  So, talk it out.

Our Top 3 Leading Values that We Hope to teach our child/any future children:

1. Honesty

Yes, we are starting with an all too common value: honesty.  All too common in theory, but also all too commonly lost.  In society today, it seems as though honesty is being swept under the rug.  Think about your life for a minute…how many times have you lied? Or just conveniently misplaced information? Or even fabricated scenarios so beyond reality, that you actually believe them?  Honesty isn’t just about being honest with others.  But it’s about learning to be honest with yourself first, so you can easily be honest with others.  In our house we have an “open-door policy.”  This means that no topic is off limit.  Judgement is not passed.  And whoever is sharing has the floor.  Our goal with this is to promote honest communication, instilling this value.

2. Respect

Respect is one of those things that holds a significant amount of importance.  It can make or break you as a child, lover, friend, employee, CEO.  It can easily determine your success path without you even knowing.  In today’s world we feel as though a vast majority of people live by the, “respect is not given, it’s earned” mentality.  Which, when you think about it, is absolutely ludicrous.  How about we respect everyone until they give us a reason to not respect them.  We hold respect high up on our value guidelines.  We respect each other (even if we are arguing).  We respect family and friends.  We respect our little Baby Bird, even though she doesn’t even know what that means.  As parents, we feel we will have done our job if we raise a respectful human being.  Not only will this make home life easier, but it will pave the path for our little one to flourish in whatever she chooses and whomever she encounters.   

3. Self-Awareness

No, we do not mean selfishness.  Self-awareness encompasses the ideology of reflecting on one’s self…whether that be with previous relationships, conflicts, conversations, etc.  The ability to develop self-awareness is detrimentally important for success and overall growth.  But, it is a skill that needs to be taught, practiced and mastered.  So easily we push blame onto everyone and everything else.  We’ve all done it.  It’s easier to make it someone else’s problem, than it is to face the mighty demon inside of you.  But let’s be real.  If we never self-reflect, how do we improve?  Exactly.  Hence, why this one makes our top three value list.  As adults, we continually strive for self awareness, self-reflection, and self-improvement.  And we hope to educate our Baby Bird on the importance of this mighty skill in hopes that she carries it into her adult life.     

    Yup, that’s the top three.  We’d be writing this list all day if we had to list all of our values (we are big value/moral people, can you tell?), but here are a few others that are important to us: loyalty, patience, trustworthiness, sincerity, and love. No they aren’t completely out there or overly complicated, but they do hold significant importance.  Tell us, what are your top three values you hope to teach your child? And don't forget to share this with anyone and everyone.

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- Mama and Papa Bird