You Gotta Have Fun

    I would say most people think of Moms as caregivers and lovers while Dads are jokesters and immature when it comes to their kids. While I think both sides have it all in them to be both funny and loving maybe it’s the Dad DNA in me that makes me want to do funny stuff.

    I feel like I’m pretty creative and my memory for pointless information is huge (just ask my wife.and as Baby Bird started to make certain faces and movements I captured them on camera. Once captured a file pops out in the ‘pointless information storage’ of the brain with an image that looks just like what Baby Bird is doing. So I put the two photos side by side and boom, Baby Bird celebrity comparisons. It’s all just part of being a Dad.

A little less conversation, a little more action. Baby Bird vs. Elvis

Who is more sad, Baby Bird or Simon Pegg?

Baby Bird reppin' that Thug Life just like Tupac

Baby Bird is shocked at the ego of Kanye West

Who screams louder, Baby Bird or The Rock?

I don't know who is more scared, Baby Bird or Marlon Wayans?

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, you want to come at Baby Bird? You'll have to go through Muhammad Ali

Aint nobody more gangsta than Baby Bird and Ice Cube

I think Baby Bird is more menacing than Arnold Schwarzenegger

    I hope you enjoyed this post. I love being a Dad and getting to do all this fun stuff. Let me know which comparison you like the best in the comments below and don't forget to like and share.

- Papa Bird