What You ACTUALLY Need To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

    As we approached our last month of pregnancy,  Papa Bird and I wanted to be prepared in case a last minute hospital visit happened.  Being the over packer that I am, I packed SO much stuff.  I googled and searched Pinterest for the "what to pack in your hospital bag" lists, gathered up a wide variety of them, and combined them to pack the ultimate hospital bag.  

    As we were scheduled for a C-section, we knew we would be in hospital for a few days (anywhere from 2-5 depending on how everything went), so I wanted to be sure I packed enough stuff to last 5 days.  Being new to this whole adventure, I packed every "just in case" item.  

    But like always, my type A planning mind, ridiculously overpacked.  So I figured I better sum it up to formulate a, "what you ACTUALLY need list."  Here it is:


1. You need a going home outfit.

That's it.  I packed various outfits for each day just in case it was cold in my room, or in case I didn't feel like wearing one item.  All pointless.  You just gave birth to a human being.  You don't care AT ALL what you look like.  The hospital gown is literally amazing.  The snaps on the shoulder allow you to breastfeed without undressing (so convenient).  Because of the genius design of the gown, I literally wore zero of the outfits I brought.  With the exception of the going home outfit, because it would be frowned upon to wear the hospital gown home, as convenient as it would have been.  

I packed a loose, maternity maxi dress to wear home.  I didn't want anything rubbing on my incision or anything tight or uncomfortable.  It worked great!

2. 2 pairs of granny panties.

Literally go out and buy high waisted granny undies.  They are a total lifesaver.  For the hospital visit, I only recommend 2 pairs because you will likely wear the sexy hospital undies while you are there.  Because let's be real, it's a destructive mess down there and it's way easier.  You may want a pair to wear home, hence the recommendation.

3. Some makeup and a toothbrush.

You probably won't care at all what you look like, but you will likely have a few visitors and a little mascara will help with the tired, swollen (from bawling your eyes out) face.  Also, there will likely be lots of pictures too, so it can't hurt to pack the basics.  Definitely bring a toothbrush.  If you're only staying for a night or two, don't worry about shampoo and stuff.  Shower when you get home...it will be MUCH more comfortable.

Mama Bird and Baby Bird.JPG

4. A ponytail.

Your hair will remain top knotted from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.  Get it up out of your face.  You have enough to worry about caring for a new baby.

5. A comfortable bra and 2 nursing pads

Again for going home in....but not totally required.


Papa Bird and Baby Bird.JPG

1. 1 outfit.

T-shirt, pants, sweater, undies, socks.  Guys are easy.

2. Pillow.

If dad is staying overnight, pack a pillow.


1. Two outfits.

Literally baby is going to be swaddled most of the time at the hospital.  Two outfits are plenty.  (I packed like 7 and used 2 of them)

Baby Bird.JPG

2. Wipes.

The hospital will likely provide diapers so no need to worry about those.  However, our hospital only had cloth wipes which was kind of a pain so I was thankful we brought our own disposable wipes.

3. Hat.

Bring a cute hat. Just one is fine.

4. Car Seat.

Legally required.


1. Snacks

Have someone either bring you snacks and food or pack some (or both).  Hospital food is on the gross side so bring a few delicious munchies.

2. Entertainment

If you get bored and want something to do some magazines, an iPad, or computer will help with that. You may not have time for it but you never know

    Did I miss anything? Let me know what you think should be on the list as well in the comments below.

- Mama Bird