What Did I Fill My Time With Before?

     One of the most notable things that has come with having a baby is the whole concept of time and time management. Obviously a baby changes what you should do, what you have to do, and what you want to do but it really makes you think, what did I do with my time before?..........

......and the answer is WASTE IT!   Haha

     Looking back I can't believe how much time I wasted on the most pointless stuff. Even if it was stuff that I loved doing, like rewatching my favourite TV shows over and over and over, I could have been doing so much more with my time. Or just the amount of endless searching on the internet with nothing really added to my life other than maybe some random video that I enjoyed for a second and then forgot about.

Baby Bird

     Then when a baby comes along, you want to still do everything that you normally do and not miss out on time with your baby. So what happens is you become so good at time management, if you want to that is. Of course if it doesn't matter to you, then stuff you don't care about can fall aside and be gone forever (hopefully that isn't your mentality) or you step up to the plate get your time management game on and knock that sucker outta the park. 

     As I'm sure most parents can attest to, you become very proficient at multitasking whether it's one handed cleaning, cooking, eating while holding the baby, or using a baby's short nap to finish  a list of to-do's so long, you shock yourself of how you just achieved the amazing feat, all the while planning out the future days, weeks, months, years of everything in your life in your head, going out on dates with your significant other, and having games nights with friends. You just get into the "parent zone" and it's just go go go.

     For me personally, since having Baby Bird, I have started this personal blog, restarted my fitness blog, gotten more intense in my drive for fitness, expanded my business, and now the undertaking of starting to do YouTube videos for fun and all of it only gets me more excited to keep doing more and more. I just keep thinking if only I would have had this drive just a few short years ago how much further ahead I could have been at this stage. 

    So if you don't have kids right now, I encourage you to start operating through your life as if you do. Start doing multiple things to get ahead, prioritize what is really necessary, and just go out there and give it your all. Stop wasting time on pointless stuff. Go clean your house from top to bottom while listening to an audiobook on self improvement. Learn a language if that's what you want to do. Do some wood working and build an beautiful dining table. Spend hours making your dog the best trained dog ever. Try something and see how it goes. Just go do anything that can help you get ahead or that can help you out in the future. You may not want to cut out on the free time you have now but trust me,  you will be kicking yourself in a few years if you didn't start it right now. And also I hope you have a great day!

- Papa Bird