Well That Was A Long Pause....Sorry About That

    Time has been flying by soooo fast and it's been so busy that I just realized we have forgot to post on here for a couple weeks. For those of you who are regular readers, sorry about that, time just got away from us there. We haven't forgot about this and posting is not meant to slow down. It's like we blinked and all of a sudden it's two weeks later. Such is life with kids haha.

     But since it's been a little while I figured I would give a little update we get back the regular goodness to follow.

Baby Bird got an awesome Nike tracksuit to go with her baby Air Jordan 3's :)

Baby Bird is loving reading time with Mama Bird before bed and she always holds onto Molly the Mouse while she reads.


She has figured out that when we are in the car she can just turn her head to see me so now when I drive this is how she is haha :)


With the weather starting to become nice there is lots of walks happening and she loves it.

She also LOVES looking at herself in the phone and making funny faces, which produces awesome photos!

There has been lots of great family time brunches, lunches, and dinners with Baby Bird's Nana, Papa, and Aunty :)

BBQ Season is finally here! There has already been lots of BBQ's at the Sparrow house....mmmm delicious!

The yard is finally dry so Thor and Storm can finally play in their domain again which makes them very happy!

Mama Bird and I got our first bike ride in the river valley while Baby Bird was with Nana

And pretty soon we are going to be starting some renovations in the house which is an exciting and daunting task but it will be great in the end. More on that to come in the future.

Hope you enjoyed this little update, and we will talk to you soon. (and of course more YouTube videos to come as well!)

- Papa Bird