Weekend Getaway

    As we roll into this weekend I can’t help but reflect on last weekend when we did our first overnight trip with Baby Bird.  Having a 7 week old baby definitely changes the dynamic of a two day getaway.  It takes longer to pack the car.  Longer to get there (because we had to stop and feed Baby Bird).  Longer to leave the house to do virtually anything once we had arrived.  Basically nothing is easy or familiar.

    Papa Bird and I LOVE going to the mountains, especially Canmore.  It’s our absolute favourite place on earth.  Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful, it’s also a giant playground for every sort of activity.  Not to mention the cute little downtown that’s packed with all sorts of quaint little coffee shops and neat nicknack stores.  It’s definitely our real life zen.  One we hope to call home at some point in our lively journey.

    Anyways, this past weekend we made the trip to Canmore with Baby Bird.  And as overwhelming as it was to pack up our little one and all the baby baggage, it was still an absolutely incredible weekend.  The biggest hurdle I think is making the jump from thinking about going to just doing it!  Yes it’s tiresome to throw your already unpredictable baby off their schedule, but how else are you going to become comfortable if you don’t just do it?!  And we actually went hiking both days.  We also walked around town and went for coffee.  We basically did what we would normally do before Baby Bird was around.  Now we are just doing it with her.

    For us, a big goal is to be able to raise and expose Baby Bird to all the amazing things that the mountains offer that is different from city life.  We hope she sees the beauty and enjoys experiencing the adventures that the Rockies being.  So why not start young, right?

    It only took us a couple days to get Baby Bird back on her normal routine once we returned home, so it was definitely worthwhile.  Our advice to you is to get out of your comfort zone and continue to live your life with your little one.  Enjoy the things you normally did as a couple, as a family.  Nothing is more rewarding then creating a lifestyle that fits the whole family. Let us know where you like to do your weekend getaways in the comments down below.

- Mama Bird

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