We Need New Baby/Kid Books

    Any parent can attest to the fact that baby/children’s books are hard to get through. In that “shoot me in the head because this is so painful to read and make exciting” kind of way. Something needs to change and I think it should be for the parents benefit, not the kids. 

It’s Not The Drawings

    Kids love the crazy and colourful pictures that jump out at them while you’re reading to them, there are so many different ways to animate the story you want to tell.

It’s Not The Words

    Babies and most kids who are going to be read to won’t understand any of the words so who cares what the words are. Rhyme, don’t rhyme. Make sense, don’t make sense. It doesn’t matter. (But if they made them make sense that would be great too.)

It’s Not The Subject of the Story

    The story could be about anything. Patti the possum could be friends with Chris the crocodile. They could play together and have fun times even though a crocodile would most definitely eat a slow moving possum. But that’s the beauty of kids books, it doesn’t have to be realistic or logical or at all plausible. Make it about whatever you want.

Pretty sure monkeys, parrots, lizards, and snakes don't hang out and eat bananas together ;)

So it’s not the drawings, the words, or the subject. Then what is it?....

It’s The Length of the Book!

    When I do reading time with Baby Bird, I want it to be a fun event. Get comfortable and sit down for a good amount of time. Read her the book while doing all the funny voices. Point out the pictures and words and get her learning (even though she is still a ways away from grasping any of it). It’s supposed to be lots of fun for both of us. How am I supposed to make a book that’s 5 pages long, last? I don’t know why it changes things for me but if I have to sit down and read 20 books just to get a good amount of time in reading to Baby Bird it’s not as fun as if it was 1 big book. 

Take a look at this book below for example.

    They seriously couldn’t come up with more stuff. Come on. That’s brutal. Even if I slow down my reading, add extra lines and voices, and tell Baby Bird to look at everything on each page, it takes maybe 5 minutes to go through that book. 5 minutes! That’s no good....

....for me that is haha. Baby Bird could care less about how long the book is. This humorous rant is about me, I want the books to be longer haha. So writers and publishers, if you’re reading this start making some of your baby and kids books a little longer for the parents sake. That is all. What do you think? Do you get where I’m coming from? Or do you think I’m crazy? Let me know in the comments below.

- Papa Bird