Using Peoples Doubt As Motivation

    There have been certain moments in my life, when I have expressed a goal or situation that I want to achieve, and it has been met with major doubt and disbelief. Looking back on these moments, as soon as those doubts were voiced I immediately upped the motivation and intensity to get my goal accomplished.

    The first time that this happened, that carriers a great amount of significance, was right after high school. I knew that once I graduated I had no desire to go to post secondary until I absolutely knew what I wanted to do for a career. So when I got asked multiple times, “What are you going to do after you graduate,” I simply responded with “I’m just going to work, travel, enjoy free time, and once I realize what I want to do with my life I will go back to school”. This response was met with an immense amount of doubt and disbelief with many people saying “yeah right!, you will never go back to school if you wait”. But I did.  I went to post secondary school 6 years later, once I had felt I found a career I was passionate about.  My Personal Fitness Training Diploma has led me to run my own business of which is still my career today.

    This also happened at many points along my fitness journey. Moving in with and then marrying my wife, when we got the dogs, and then now with Baby Bird being here, but NONE of that doubt has prevented me in achieving my goals. 

    I think that doubt can be a powerful tool.  For me it actually guaranteed that I would pursue my goals.  Because I am very stubborn, I feel empowered when people underestimate me. I feel I know what I want and what I can accomplish and to have someone doubt me, it flips a switch in my brain and I have to prove that person wrong; prove that I can do whatever that particular task was that I wanted to do.  I find it funny that just a little bit of doubt from someone, whether they are close to me or not, can drive me to make sure I complete my goal. I am too stubborn to give in which can be a problem sometimes (like arguments when I should just let it go but thats a different discussion haha) but in cases like this its great for me. 

    Do you have people doubting you? If you do, use that doubt as motivation to complete whatever task it is that they are questioning, whether its with fitness, diet, or your career. Prove them wrong and get the job done! Go get em!

- Papa Bird