Top 10…YouTube Channels You should Be Watching

    With numbers going down with people paying for cable subscription and sales going down in the box office, more and more streaming services are capitalizing. Now there are your popular streaming services like Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime, etc. that are convenient platforms to get your binge watching in, but there are also some high quality content channels on YouTube.  I feel as though most people think of YouTube as “video clips” that go viral from time to time, but there are actually some amazing shows being created on this platform.  For free content to get this good, it’s pretty awesome! Take advantage and check out these channels.  In my opinion these are the best 10 YouTube channels to watch:

     Quite simply Devin Graham makes random videos.  Majority of them include some form of extreme activity, such as“The World’s Largest Rope Swing,” “Flyboarding,” or the “Human Sling Shot Slip and Slide.”  The uniqueness of the sports alone are enough to leave any adrenaline seeking individual desperate to try it themselves.  His ability to match fun engaging music to his well edited filmmaking leads to some really neat clips that are addicting to watch.

     This channel is a very entertaining comedy channel that has great reaction videos.  One of my favourites is ‘Idiots of the Internet’ of which he takes actual posts that people have put online, and then he provides a funny (but all too commonly true) reaction. He also helped Hasbro create the board game called ‘Speak Out.’ If you are unfamiliar with this game, it is where players must recite phrases with a dental retractor in their mouth. This game is based off of Joe Santagato’s video ‘Watch Your Mouth’. This channel will surely get you chuckling, so if you need a good laugh definitely check it out! 

     Something that I think can be quite tough to do is to get people interested in science. The guys at AsapScience, Mitch Moffit and Greg Brown (who are actual scientists), make science so much fun. They have a wide variety of cool videos such as ‘Which came first - the chicken or the egg’, ‘How much sleep do you need?’, ‘What if humans disappeared?’, and so on and so on.  What draws me in, is their voice over visual representations.  It makes the “nerdy talk” easy to follow and fun to listen to.    

     This channel is described as “Life Through The Lens of Hip Hop” and you know me, I love hip hop so it’s a channel I really enjoy. Justin Hunte, the host of this show, has an impressive resume which includes debating at the prestigious Oxford Union and this experience comes across in his videos. Now I know that Hip Hop isn’t for everyone but I had to include this channel on the list because the videos he makes are amazing and the love he has for hip hop makes the videos excel.

      This is probably the channel you have already heard about because it is wildly popular. Dude Perfect is 5 best friends making videos combining sports and comedy. They do all kinds of trick shot videos, sports battle videos, and activity stereotype videos.  What I love most about this channel is the underlying creativity that leads to a light-hearted, easily entertaining experience.

5. Casey Niestat

     Along with being a YouTube personality, he is also a filmmaker and co-founder of the multimedia company Beme. He has made lots of short films that have been met with high acclaim as well as a mini series on HBO. Its this filmmaking ability that he brings into his vlogging on YouTube to make his content great. His channel is videos of his life and even if you are not a fan vlogging or find it boring you can definitely appreciate the skill he has for making a great video.

4. First We Feast

     First We Feast is by far the best food channel on YouTube and has one of the best mini series within it. This mini-series, Hot Ones, is currently in season 4. The host of the show, Sean Evans, is a broadcast journalism major and does his research on his interviewee so he can provide the highest quality content for his viewers. For the ‘Hot Ones’ series he interviews a celebrity and asks them 10 different questions. To correspond with those 10 questions are 10 hot wings that get progressively hotter with each wing making the interview process so fun. You get to see celebrities breakdown under the intense spiciness and open up like never before.

3. Phillip DeFranco

     Phillip Defranco is a YouTube creator who has been on the platform since 2006 and now has created the best news channel on YouTube. With so much “fakenews” happening Phillip has created a news show that actually covers real news, with a wide variety of topics. I need to emphasize that he and his team do the research and find out what really is going on with whatever topic they cover. They also encourage conversation to find out what the general public is thinking on the issues.

2. Nerdwriter1

     He describes his channel as weekly video essays on topics ranging from science to art. But I feel that’s too simple of a description. He makes these videos that have such an amazing quality about them and you can hear the passion in his voice in whatever he is talking about. He really dissects the topics whether he’s talking about how Louis C.K. tells a joke, or Harry Potter, or Seinfeld, or Lord of the Rings, etc. He has these insightful thoughts that make you think so much deeper.

1. Brave Wilderness

     Do you want to see a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters? Then you need to check out Brave Wilderness. The host, Coyote Peterson, who is awesome by the way, leads you through 3 different series which are ‘Breaking Trail’, ‘Dragon Tails’ and ‘Coyote’s Backyard’. My favourite series has to be the ‘Breaking Trail” because within that he works his way through a ‘Sting Pain Index.’  Meaning, he gets stung by all kinds of crazy insects on a pre-determined “sting pain scale” and showcases his reaction. Some of his other videos deal with general species education, personal animal interactions, and his ability to track various creatures including grizzlies, tarantulas, snakes, turtles, and everything in between.  This channel is equivalent to a National Geographic Special.

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