Top 10...Thor vs. Storm

    We've done Top 10...Mama Bird vs. Papa Bird and now it's time to do Top 10...Thor vs. Storm. They have very different personalities and go about things very differently. It's pretty funny. Hope you enjoy.

1. Wearing A Cone

Thor would use the cone to collect snow and eat it or flip stuff in the air and just have fun with it. Storm would stay wherever she was as soon as the cone got put on. She wouldn't move from that spot.

2. Bath Time

Thor never really cared and would just chill there while Storm was in desperate need to escape the water.

3. If We Sit In Their Spot

4. Needing To Go Pee

Girl's are so much more polite than boys haha

5. Playing Fetch

6. Drinking Water

Look at that mess Thor haha

Very clean and lady like

7. Jumping

8. Sleeping

9. Trying To Fit In Amongst The Humans

Storm still think's she's a dog

10. Trying To Use Jedi Powers To Get What They Want