Top 10...Things Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Have Made Me Thankful For

1. Sleeping on my Stomach

        - I have always been a stomach sleeper, so when I was pregnant it was a pretty hard pill to swallow to not be physically able to sleep on my stomach.  There were so many restless, sleepless nights.  I remember trying EVERYTHING.  I would prop up pillows, essentially making a donut mold, just so I could get a few minutes on my stomach.  Having had a c-section, sleeping on my stomach was also not a viable option right after delivery.  Now that I am fully recovered, and no longer pregnant, the joys of sleeping on my stomach have returned and I am SO THANKFUL.  There really isn't anything better.

2. Small Boobs

        - Some people just love the natural boob job you get when they are pregnant and breastfeeding.  But for me, it was THE WORST.  Having had small boobs for my entire life, I have been naive to all the terrible things associated with big, heavy boobs.  Like a sore back.  Or the inconvenience of them bouncing around when you go for a run.  Or the fact that every bra is uncomfortable because your boobs are bursting through it.  Or that all your shirts are tight because your tits are ginormous.  Having gone through this whole process, I can definitely say that the boob scene is highly overrated and I am forever thankful for my small, now a bit shrivelled, boobs.

3. No Stretch Marks

        - I think every woman hopes they don't get stretch marks when they are pregnant.  And like everyone else, I too was ever so hopeful.  I didn't use any body creams or body butters to prevent them.  I just stayed hydrated and let Mother Nature do it's thing.  Thankfully, I am happy to report I have obtained zero stretch marks!  Woohoo!

4. No Hair Loss

       - So many women experience excessive hair loss after they have delivered their little one.  And I expected just that!  But for some reason my hair is the same.  No excessive hair loss whatsoever, and I am so thankful for that.

5. Sleeping Bra-less

       - Sleeping with a bra on TOTALLY SUCKS!  Any woman can attest to this.  I never thought it was that much of a thing for me, but it really is.  Breastfeeding forces me to wear a bra every night so I don't get milk all over our sheets, and I hate it.  I am longing for the day that I can sleep bra-less again!!  Breastfeeding has made me so appreciative of those bra-less, pre-preggo, pre-kid days.

6. Leggings

       - I don't know about you, but I hate jeans.  They were uncomfortable before I got pregnant, basically non-existent when I was pregnant, and guess what, still uncomfortable post pregnancy.  Leggings on the other hand are AMAZING and I am so thankful for the genius who invented them!  I wore the same leggings pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post pregnancy and guess what, they looked great through every stage.  Now what other piece of clothing is that versatile? #THANKFUL

7. Advil

       - They say when you're pregnant, you're not supposed to take Advil.  Luckily the headache scene is way less when you're pregnant (thank god).  However, Tylenol is the poops!  I am ever so thankful for Advil extra strength liquid gels.  You work magic when you are needed.  And I'm sorry I had to cheat on you with Tylenol for the last year!

8. Physical Activity

       - I worked out and was quite physically active when I was pregnant, but it's really not the same.  You have to always be conscience of what you are doing and be cautious not to push your limits too far.  Now being 15 weeks postpartum, I have finally re-built the strength I had before pregnancy, and can start to really challenge myself.  I am so thankful for this, because I really missed my competitive side over the last year.  Don't take advantage of the ability to be physically active, because when you can't do what you want, it's totally a bummer.

9. Normal Hormones

       - I'm still not back to normal hormone world but I have to say I am very eager to get there.  Pregnancy and post pregnancy hormones are seriously insane.  More insane than I can even describe.  They literally make you CRAZY.  I never thought I took advantage of having the some what normal hormone days, but I totally did.  And I'm sorry I did!  I just want you back!

10. My Naturally Cold Blood

       - Before pregnancy, I was also cold.  Never sweaty.  Never too hot.  Always cold.  And I really didn't know how much I was thankful for my cold blood, until I had the preggo sweats and the post preggo night sweats.  THE WORST.  Heat makes you feel bothered and flustered and uncomfortable.  Now that I am getting back to normal, my blood is returning to it's cold self and I am SO THANKFUL for that.  Gone are the days of preggo hot flashes!! At least for now.

- Mama Bird