Top 10...Mama Bird vs. Papa Bird

    We're back with another Top 10. This time time its Mama Bird vs. Papa Bird and how we do different things around the house. Check them out below, hope you enjoy.

1. How the bathroom looks after Papa Bird gets ready vs. how it looks after Mama Bird gets ready

Papa Bird

Mama Bird

2. How we keep our shoes

Papa Bird

Mama Bird (Shoes all over the place haha)

3. The process of cooking

4. How Mama Bird cleans vs. how Papa Bird cleans

5. Why we have a bad day

Why Papa Bird day gets ruined

Why Mama Bird day gets ruined

6. Packing for a long trip

7. How to get Papa Bird turned on vs. how to get Mama Bird turned on

Papa Bird

Mama Bird

8. How we handle being sick

9. Size of bowls we use for one of our meals

10. Picking up after the dogs

Papa Bird

Mama Bird

    You gotta love the differences you can find in a relationship :) Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you like this post we encourage you to like and share this post with your friends using the social icons below.

- Papa Bird

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