Top 10...Things I Do That Papa Bird Yells At Me For

    This post is the beginning of a “Top 10” series.  In every relationship, there are always little things that drive the other person crazy.  Well here are the top 10 things that drive Papa Bird cuckoo (pun intended).

1. Nail biting.


2. Throwing my clothes on the floor.

3. Eating chocolate chips in the pantry.

4. Having ice cream as a bed time snack.


5. Putting the roll of toilet paper on wrong way. 

6. Not hanging my jacket back in the closet.

7. Weighing myself everyday.

8. Pulling out the covers.

9. Using his towel as a bath mat.

10. Dispersing water bottles all over the house.


Spousal pet peeves? Comment below! We would love to hear them.

-Mama Bird