Top 10…Things I Do That Mama Bird Yells At Me For

    This is second post in our ‘Top 10’ series and this time its my turn. These are the 10 things that I do that drives Mama Bird crazy.

1. I watch tv and listen to music at the same time.

2. I tuck in the covers on the bed so deep its like its a hotel.

3. When we are in the kitchen and she is getting stuff out of the pantry. I close the door to the pantry before she gets a chance to put the ingredients back.

4. When she makes a big meal to last a few days I eat it really quickly and leave little to none for her, I have a hard time sharing food (PAPA BIRD DOESN’T SHARE FOOD).


5. I put all the water bottles back in one spot, on top the fridge so they are out of the way.


6. The fact I fall asleep so easy, especially when she wants to talk about her day late at night.

7. I rewatch my favourite tv shows and movies over and over and over and over and over…..

8. How early I start decorating for Halloween (I start decorating on Oct. 1).

9. How OCD I am about folding laundry (She is no longer allowed to fold laundry because I have to refold it)

Baby Bird's sleepers folded and rolled up for when they are ready to use

10. When I help her with decorating the house my ideas are always based on logic and function, not on aesthetics. 

- Papa Bird

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