Top 10...of Everything Halloween

    Being that tonight is our annual Halloween party it's only right to give my Top 10 for everything Halloween. I didn't want to overdose you with post after post with Halloween so I thought I would cram it all in one post.

Top 10 Halloween Costumes We've Seen At Our Parties

Honorable mention goes to Thor and Storm as Batman and Robin

My Top 10 Halloween Songs

    These are the songs that are in heavy rotation around Halloween time

#10 - A classic Halloween song

#9 The freaks come out on Halloween night

#8 - I just picture monsters getting into a dance battle to this song


#6 - That beat has Halloween written all over it






My Top 10 Halloween TV Episodes

    This list was so hard to widdle down to just 10 as I have over 50 halloween episodes that I watch on repeat the month of October. I only chose 1 episode from each TV show even though some shows have multiple awesome Halloween episodes. Here we are, my 10 favourite:

#10 Two and A Half Men - Hi, Mr. Horned

#9 Everybody Loves Raymond - Halloween Candy

#8 The Office - Costume Contest

#7 Happy Endings - Spooky Endings

#6 The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror V

#5 Modern Family - Halloween

#4 Community - Epidemiology

#3 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Hex and the Single Guy

#2 Friends - The One with the Halloween Party

#1 Home Improvement - The Haunting of Taylor House

Home Improvement

 My Top 10 Movies To Watch On Halloween

#10 - The Amityville Horror

#9 - The Purge

#8 - Dawn of the Dead

#7 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre

#6 - Ernest Scared Stupid

#5 - 28 Days Later

#4 - The Ring

#3 - The Exorcist

#2 - Shaun of The Dead

#1 - The Shining

    If you're heading to a Halloween party tonight I hope you have a good time. Tomorrow I will let you know how our Halloween party turned out. 

- Papa Bird

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