Tiny Little Moments

    Life is full of lemons.  Some meant to be there and some not.  And quite often we focus on these so called “lemons” and centre our worth around them.  But what kind of life is that?  A negative one, I can tell you that much.  And it’s hard not to get sucked into the crazy of the world.  Natural disasters.  Terrorist attacks.  Mass shootings.  Sexual assault cases.  It seems like every one is a victim in the grand scheme of things.  And where does that leave us?  Worrying.  Protecting.  Preventing.  Avoiding.  As real as all of these things are, and as aware as we need to be, there is something more powerful than all of the hate.  Something that drives us day by day.  Leaves us longing for the next good thing.  Makes us forget all the evil for a split second.  And I finally understand it.

    It’s holding your baby for the very first time.  Feeling every single emotion roll over you.  Drowning you in love and infatuation.  And soaking it all in.

    It’s seeing that first smile.  That first real smile.  As if she sees you for the very first time and knows it’s you, and is excited and relieved and thankful that you are her mom and will always be her mom.

    It’s seeing that silent giggle suck all the air out of her lungs as you tickle her tiny little toes.  It’s her curling up her legs as you blow on her chubby little belly, as she laughs at the funny sounds (internally because she hasn't found her actual laugh yet).

    It’s her curling her head into the nook of your neck.  Because it’s warm.  It’s safe.  And you feel like a superhero, being her safe haven.  Now and for always.

    It’s her grabbing hold of your finger and holding on tight.  Because you are her only constant in her world and she needs you.

    It’s about all these little tiny moments.  Seconds that hold meaning and give value.  Snapshots in time that you live for.  And life, as a parent, is FULL of them.  Where you are no longer living just for you but for this little one.  And you want to savour them all.  Every single moment.  But some slip away.  That’s how it goes.  But you know that there will always be more.  

    Like when she says, “Mommy” for the first time.  And says it over and over and over, demanding you around like a sergeant in the military. And you never get sick of it.  You think you do, but you don’t.

    Or when you drop her off for her first sleepover, and she just smiles and reassures you that everything is ok.  Because let’s be real, you need the reassuring.  She is fine.

    Or when someone bullies her for the first time, and she is devastated.  Her first taste of the world’s evil.  But she comes to you to console her.  To help guide her.  To teach her bravery and kindness despite the hurt.

    Or when she gets her heartbroken for the first time.  And runs to you, to wipe her tears as she crumples in your arms.

    And you long for these future moments.  You’re still a bit nervous.  And scared.  And worried that you might not be ready for the next moment.  But nevertheless, it still hits you smack dab in the heart and melts you.  

    These moments have become your purpose.  And it’s challenging, but oh so rewarding.  More than you ever thought it could be.  And the best part of it all, is you get to experience it all with your partner.  Your best friend.  You get to share life’s treasures.  And there is no greater joy.  And that’s meaning.  And I finally understand it. What tiny moments do you appreciate as a parent? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed reading this article, please recommend and share it to help others find it!

- Mama Bird