Thoughts On The New Year

    The start of a new year always brings on new feelings of life, goals, and aspirations.  It’s like for some reason we structure life in segmented 12 month periods of time.  Each segment has a beginning and an end.  At the end of the year we reflect on the previous 12 months.  Thinking.  Pondering.  Re-living.  Analyzing.  We look at all the good moments and all the bad, categorize them into lists and base our conclusion of whether it was a successful year or not on the weight of this list.  And then we think about the upcoming year.  It’s a clean slate.  We make resolutions and plans to enlist said resolutions.  And it feels good.  We feel in control for that split moment, knowing that we haven’t failed yet.  Knowing we haven’t sabotaged our goals or resolutions.  But give it a week, and somehow we get sucked back into the vortex of societal pressure.  We revert back to our old ways - our old life.  We don’t meet our goals.  We aren’t happy.  We live the mundane cycle of dreading work, being over-caffeinated, and loathing in self pity in front of our TV flicking through Netflix for the gazilionth time….

    But this is the pattern.  We all catch ourselves doing it, myself included.  A New Year offers a glimpse of hope to better ourselves and our life.  So for the moment, picture your perfect life.  No never mind that, go even simpler, picture your perfect day.  Where do you live?  What do you look forward to?  How does your morning start? How does your day end?

    This is what I’m seeing…

    I close my eyes and picture myself waking up in a beautiful log house.  A decent size but not over the top.  Basically just big enough for our family to be comfortable.  We have these huge bay windows that stand from floor to ceiling, looking out into a beautiful picturesque mountain scene.  It’s winter.  And the mountains are snow capped with the pine trees peeking out of the snowy escape.  Our house is quite, as it’s early morning, the sun is just rising, filling our home with sunbeams.  In the city I’m not a morning person, but in the mountains I can’t help but cave to the beauty and peace as the world awakens.  

    I smell fresh coffee.  Papa Bird has been up for a little bit already, sitting at the kitchen table enjoying the peace and quiet.  I make my way downstairs and give him a good morning kiss and sneak in a little snuggle.  I pour myself a coffee in my cozy little mug and I stand holding it, steam floating eloquently off the top.  And I just breath.  Smelling the deliciousness I’m about to indulge in and soaking in the wanderlust view.  And I want to freeze time in this second. Just taking a minute to enjoy it.

    The dogs are lying in the sunbeams, groggy with sleep.  They too can’t help but enjoy the peace of the early morning.

    Time elapses, and Baby Bird awakens.  She is new to this mountain world.  Too young to really appreciate it, but she seems happy.  Our morning routine, isn’t that different.  We get her up, I feed her, we do some tummy time, and some chatting.  She usually lasts only about an hour and a half and then she is ready for her morning nap.  I put her down, and Papa Bird and I start our day.  We talk, and blog and talk some more.  We read in front of our fireplace and share insights and little tidbits of knowledge.  We plan out our day, seeking out new adventures.

    Most days, we get in a hike and sometimes a bike.  It doesn’t matter what the whether is like, we enjoy it all.  Some times we stroll into town and visit our favourite coffee shops.  We always bring the dogs and Baby Bird along.  We’re family adventurers.  It’s peaceful and quaint.  And perfect.

    After our afternoon stroll, we return home.  We cook dinner together.  We enjoy doing the little things as a team.  Making it fun and exciting.  We aren’t the best chefs but we can at least follow a recipe and make a decent meal.  It’s comforting making a meal with the one you love and then sharing it together.  There is something to say about pride in the little things.  

    Our evening is relaxing.  We spend some time with Baby Bird before she heads off to bed.  And then we talk amongst ourselves, playing cards and sipping tea.  We soak it all in.  Being present in every moment. 

    This is what is running through my head as we approach this new year.  And I am hopeful that this non-traditional way of life is in the books for us to achieve or at least work towards achieving.  I am determined more then ever to create our perfect life and actually live in it.  Breaking through societal pressures isn’t easy but I know this going in to it.  

    So set some goals, some realistic goals and actually try to reach them.  They don’t have to be earth shattering achievements, but just simple little things that will improve your life day to day.  

    So what are you thinking about as we end this year.  What goals or aspiration do you wish to achieve.  Are they big or small?  Scary or intimidating? Let me know in the comments below. Have a happy New Year and make 2018 the best it can be!

- Mama Bird