The Sparrows: How It All Started

    This is how it all started, the story of us. All the different stages throughout our journey together. Get settled in as this is a long one, hope you enjoy.

Before We Met

Mama Bird’s Perspective

     My first encounter with Papa Bird occurred periodic over about one year (early 2010-ish to early 2011).  I used to work at the NAIT gym and would see him come in for his weekly personal training sessions.  Our interactions were always brief - a simple ‘hi’ or a friendly head nod.  I honestly didn’t even know his name, I just referred to him as ‘the big tall guy.’  Over that year Papa Bird made quite the transformation physically.  When he first started coming to workout he was a scrawny bean pole but then he started filling out and I noticed him more and more.  I had NO idea he was interested in me.  Papa Bird was quite shy and kept mostly to himself when he came into the gym.  I could tell he was focused and his presence in the gym was fulfilling a purpose.  

    It wasn’t unusual for me to have spectators at my desk (some just friendly regulars, some creepers, others just interested suitors).  You have to remember, costumer service was my job.  I literally sat at the desk, monitored the facility, sold memberships, and made people feel welcome.  But Papa Bird only ever passed by.  He never stopped to chat.  He never gave me any hints or clues that he was interested in me.  

    Coincidentally we had the same personal trainer and in early 2011 my trainer suggested to me that ‘the big tall guy’ had a crush on me.  He proceeded to ask permission for him to be friend me on Facebook.  I was a bit surprised, but ultimately had nothing to lose so I said yes.  

Papa Bird’s Perspective: 

    Although Mama Bird and I didn’t go a date until early 2011 I knew of and had seen her before then. I used to train at NAIT and every time I would go to workout I would pass the front desk where she worked and I would smile and nod and maybe say hi. This happened every week for quite a few months with no more contact then nods, smiles, and hi’s. I always thought she was super hot but never worked up the courage to ask her out. I also noticed that there was a guy who was always by the front desk talking to her and I thought he was her boyfriend, come to find out he was just some guy hanging around. After some time had passed and I had a few short lived relationships I asked my trainer (who also trained her around that time too) if he would ask her if I could contact her on Facebook. The next time he trained her, he asked, and she said yes so I proceeded to add her on Facebook so I could ask her out.

First Contact

Mama Bird’s Perspective

    Pretty quickly Papa Bird had added me on Facebook and we would have the occasional conversation via messenger.  I assumed he wanted to ask me on a date, hence the Facebook convos, but for weeks nothing came of it.  I was honestly confused! Like what is this guys deal.  Ask me out or don’t but don't drag it out.  After about a month, he FINALLY asked me out on a date.  And of course I said yes.  

Papa Bird’s Perspective: 

    Because I didn’t want to seem too pushy, I played it slowly and anytime we were on Facebook at the same time I would message her to see what was up and just try to build something before jumping right into it (which in hindsight I should have just asked right away and not wasted time haha). After what was definitely too long, I asked her out.

First Date

Mama Bird’s Perspective: 

    I was quite shocked when he suggested we go to The SugarBowl in Edmonton as this was one of my favourite places.  I loved the atmosphere and the vibe.  It was low key but unique.  Easy to feel comfortable and a great pick for a first date, in my opinion.  So right away he got points for great location.  Our first date occurred on February 4, 2011.  I remember the day vividly.  I was actually checking out apartments that afternoon.  And I remember it so specifically because it had snowed about 3 feet that week and the roads were seriously terrible.  I was driving my Toyota Celica (which was quite low to the ground - not your ideal winter car I might add) and as I pulled into the residential neighbourhood to park I got stuck.  Not just a little stuck.  Majorly stuck.  I had managed to suspend my car on a snow drift on the road, so my wheels weren’t even touching the ground.  I became a bit flustered as I was schedule to meet Papa Bird in only a few hours and I still had to make it home and get ready!  Within about 30min, one of the locals in that area spotted my situation and rounded up a few helpers.  All together we managed to completely lift my car off the snow drift and I was on my way.  If it wasn’t for those helpful Samaritans I'm not even sure if I would have made it to our first date haha. 

    As I was standing in line at The SugarBowl, I spotted Papa Bird and he looked super handsome.  I only had ever seen him in workout clothes, so to see him in jeans and a V-neck T-shirt was pure eye candy!  I remember as soon as he approached me, we hugged and I dove into the story about my car and how it was pure luck that I actually made it on time and presentable to our date.  Talking to Papa Bird seemed so easy and natural.  I felt like by the end of the night, it was as if I’d known him my whole life.  We talked about so many things from favourite colours, to embarrassing moments, to more serious topics like family and previous relationships.  Too top it off, I remember Papa Bird ordered a burger but got salad instead of fries and instead of getting a beer or drink he ordered a black coffee.  Like who is this guy.  I couldn’t believe how unique he was.  It was a Friday night at a place that has every sort of beer and neat drink you could imagine and he ordered a black coffee.  I LOVED that.  I loved that he felt so comfortable with himself to just be himself.  We ended up closing the place out and it was the absolute PERFECT first date.  He even sealed it with a good first kiss to end things off on.  Points for location, points for food and drink choice, points for conversation, and points for first kiss.  I left that night feeling pretty smitten.

Papa Bird’s Perspective:

    Not wanting to go to typical restaurants and show a little more intrigue I asked my trainer if he knew of any cool places to go for a date and he suggested ‘The SugarBowl.’ I had the location, the day, and time all planned out and excitement started to build for the date. When I showed up she was in line outside, as it was really busy that night, and I remember thinking “This girl is so stunning!” and I was so happy to be on a date with her. Now it was my job to not screw it up. The place was packed and there was only room at the bar.  The wait for a table was about 45 - 60 minutes. No one else in line wanted to go to the bar so we said we would take it. 

    I always got a bit nervous for dates, worrying about not having good conversation starters and dreading those awkward lulls.  So I ALWAYS prepared.  I had a few prepared questions to start the conversation flowing, hoping to avoid any awkwardness.  But with Mama Bird there was an instant connection and the night developed a good rhythm right of the bat.  We were talking about everything from childhood, to places we’ve been and still want to go to, to dreams and passions, and everything in between. Before we knew it, the bartender came up to us and said “I’m sorry guys but we’re closing and I need to lock up”. We didn’t even realize it because our backs were to the restaurant, but it was 2am and there was no one else in the restaurant except a few staff. So we venture outside to say our goodbyes and I notice that she is playing with her keys. And I know what that means, its time to make a move. So I go in for a goodnight kiss and it felt like it was one of those perfect movie kisses, where time stands still and everything else swirls around you. Great way to end the night. :)

Saying “I Love You”

This photo was actually taken on the night I said "I love you". I wanted to make sure I documented that great moment

Mama Bird’s Perspective

Let’s be real, I was never going to be the first to say “I Love You” so I will let Papa Bird take this one :)

Papa Bird’s Perspective: 

    I knew very early on when Mama Bird and I were dating that this relationship was something amazing. But I also understand that its human nature to romanticize situations so I didn’t want to rush into saying ‘I love you’. I also don’t believe in using ‘Love’ lightly, it’s not a word you say to just anyone and before Mama Bird, I had never told a girl I was dating that I loved them. Once I knew that it was true love and I decided I was going to say “I love you” to Mama Bird I was so excited all day for our date that night. We were at her place and I said to her “I hope its not too early to say it but I want you to know that I love you and this relationship is something special”. She replied with “I love you too” and smiled and then we kissed. Another great night.

Moving In/House/Dogs

Papa Bird’s Perspective: 

    I will let Mama Bird take this one.

Mama Bird’s Perspective: 

    Well, it wasn’t long before we decided to move in together.  Right around the 6month mark.  We were just renting at the time, so financially it just made sense to pay one bill instead of two.  It was also way more convenient as we were spending every night either had his place or mine.  And what a pain that was, having to always pack an overnight bag and having clothes and stuff split between two homes.  So it felt right to just move in together.  After 6 months of living together we decided to buy our first home.  Our relationship was growing and evolving and it was time to have our own place.  We found a house right away and moved in June 2012.  In July of 2012 we got our chocolate lab, Thor and in May of 2013 we got our yellow lab, Storm.  


Mama Bird’s Perspective: 

    Like every relationship, we went through our ups and downs over those few years.  Getting accustomed to each other's living styles and just finding what works and what doesn’t.  But overall we had a strong relationship and everything just seemed to work with us.  We were a team right from day one and we just seemed to grow together and get stronger as a couple as time went on.  I knew that he was the one within that first year we were dating but I knew 

Engagement Night! :)

    Papa Bird wasn’t the one to rush into things (I mean it took him over a month to just ask me on a date!).  Every year for our anniversary we would do something special and sentimental for each other.  It was our 4th dating anniversary and I was really excited to give him my gift.  I made him a shadow box filled with a summary of our past year.  I put a lot of effort into it and overall I was super happy with how it turned out.  Sure enough when Papa Bird opened it, he loved it.  He even started to cry!  My thought was, “wow! I really nailed it this year!”  Little did I know what his gift was.  It was all wrapped up and I remember unwrapping it and noticing a picture frame.  But the picture inside had all these little blank slips of paper covering up things.  So he instructed me to start at the top ad unwrap each one.  So I did.  The first one was the date of our first date.  The second was our first kiss. The third was our first trip together. The fourth, when we got the house. The Fifth, when we got Thor.  The sixth, when we got Storm. And the seventh, was our engagement!!! I turned around to find Papa Bird on one knee and right then and there in our dining room he asked me to marry him.  I was ecstatic!! Literally started jumping up and down!  And, I had to admit, he took the trophy for best gift that year!

Papa Bird’s Perspective: 

    So our 4th anniversary of dating was approaching and like every year we have a dinner planned at the restaurant where we had our first date. This year however was going to be something extra special and I knew Mama Bird was going to have no clue it was coming (Like couples often do when they have been together for a while, we had talked about an engagement and I told her that our engagement would never be on a day that was already special, giving me the opportunity to surprise her). To coincide with the proposal was a gift, as we did exchange gifts on our anniversary every year. It was ‘Our Love Story’ picture with all major important milestones in our relationship up until that point with the final date being that day and it said ‘Engagement' beside it. To make it more of a surprise I taped over each individual date so she would have to peel them off one-by-one. As she peeled off the dates she looked at me and smiled. Just before she was about to peel off the last one I took a step back and got down on one knee. She peeled it off and immediately spun around, at which point I asked her to marry me.  And she said “YES!”, frantically jumping around our dining room. I slid the ring on her finger and stood up and we kissed. We finished the night off by going out for our anniversary dinner. Another great memory created.


    Mama Bird’s Perspective: 

    It was pretty easy to pick our wedding date.  February was our month.  We decided pretty quickly that it only seemed right if our wedding date was February 6, 2016.  (We actually wanted it on our dating anniversary, but it happened to land on a Thursday that year.)  We planned our entire wedding together.  I was really good with coming up with the ideas and he was great at finalizing decisions.  So together we planned an amazing day.  

    I remember waking up the morning of our wedding day feeling soooo good.  I had never been more confident and sure of anything in my life.  I was eager to see him, as he had spent the night before at his Best Man’s house so I could have the house to get ready in.  We don't spend very much time apart, so I was super excited to see him at the ceremony.  

    One of my favourite parts of the day was definitely our ceremony and our vows.  It felt so great to declare our love to each other in front of all our friends and family.  It truly was such a special and surreal moment.  Another favourite part of the day for me was our mini day date photo shoot at The SugarBowl.  We had sent our bridal party off in the limo and just Papa Bird and I did photos for about 30min.  And it was awesome! It was so great to just connect with him and ask him how his morning was and how he liked my dress and just get inside of his head about all the emotions he was feeling.  It was perfect.  It was such an incredible day, locking in our love, and solidifying our relationship.  Marrying Papa Bird was definitely the best decision I have ever made.

Papa Bird’s Perspective: 

    Being that our first date and engagement were both on the same date, we wanted to try and have our wedding on the same date too. Unfortunately we would have had to wait another couple years and that wasn’t going to happen so our wedding is only 2 days off from the original day of our first date. 

    I woke up on the morning of our wedding at my best man’s house, so happy and excited for what the day held in store. The groomsmen and I had a great morning hanging out before we had to get ready and go to the hall. I couldn’t wait to see my future wife walking down that isle and I knew I would have a hard time keeping the emotions in check on such a special day. As soon she walked in looking so spectacular I had the biggest smile on my face, and thought, “this is it, I get to marry the love of my life.” We exchanged our vows, I got emotional, she got emotional, but she held it together much better than I did. Once the justice of the peace said those 5 words, “You may now kiss the bride” I pulled her in close and we kissed in a moment of pure joy and happiness. Woo Hoo, we were married. The rest of the day was absolutely fantastic, lots of love, great people, great food, great party, and then before we knew the night was over but not before some fun time at the hotel :) haha. That day couldn’t have gone any better.

And Now Baby

Mama Bird’s Perspective: 

    Kids had always been a grey area for us.  Mostly because it was very unknown.  And Papa Bird and I aren't really risk takers.  We like to plan and know situations.  After about 6months of being married I asked Papa Bird if he wanted kids, and like always he replied with,”I don’t know.”  I wanted him to want to have kids on his own.  I didn’t want to pressure him in anyway as I knew I would be happy either way.  So I asked him to just think about it.  I like to future plan.  So mostly, I wanted to know if kids were in that plan or not.  

    After some thought on my end, I figured I wanted kids.  The early years scared me a bit but when I looked far down into our future, I wanted to have kids and grandkids.  It took Papa Bird about a month of thinking.  I would hear him asking his clients and friends about their experiences with kids and how they decided.  I knew he was really digging deep.  And then one day, right before I was about to head to work, Papa Bird comes up to me and says, “I think I want to have kids.”  I was really happy.  I always knew Papa Bird would make an outstanding father so I was really excited that I would get to experience him as a dad.  We talked about a timeline and honestly we couldn’t think of any reason why we should wait.  We were in a good place financially, we were established in our home, our work situations were both good and stable.  There wasn’t anything we felt like we needed to accomplish before having a child.  So low and behold, Baby Bird was conceived and arrived into our world Aug15, 2017.  This has been the BEST decision we have made in our relationship and I can’t wait to see her grow and for maybe other Baby Birds to come.

Papa Bird’s Perspective: 

    Mama Bird explained the lead up to this perfectly and now we have a beautiful baby and I couldn’t imagine making this journey with anyone else and I feel so lucky to have her as my wife and have a daughter who is a perfect combination of us both. I cant wait for all the great moments to come.

- Mama and Papa Bird

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