The Reason I Hit Record

     If you follow me, you know that I recently started making videos for YouTube and Instagram. I am having so much fun filming and editing and putting the videos out there for everyone to enjoy and I wanted to share the inspiration behind my decision to finally hit record.

     There are lots of cinematographers that I follow on YouTube and have been doing so for a long time. I have said for a while now that the content that is coming out of YouTube is just as good if not better than regular cable.....AND IT'S FREE! I think the main reason is because it's what the specific creator wants to create. It's the freedom they have to tell a story or just show something cool through their lens of the world. That's the beauty of it.

     While there are many creators on the YouTube platform who I follow and that inspire me, such as.....

Philip Defranco
Colin and Samir
Mark Rober
and of coarse now....Will Smith

......there are two people in particular who pushed me over that line to finally hit the record button:

Casey Neistat and Peter McKinnon

     The content that these two individuals create is amazing!! They are so creative in what they do and keep the videos so engaging that I like to make playlists of their videos and watch them in back to back to back sequential order like a regular television show. If you have not checked their videos out you need to do so asap, you will not be disappointed.

    There was one video in particular that I watched right before deciding to record myself and it was done by Peter McKinnon and it was called "It's okay if you suck"

     The reason this video helped so much is because I was so nervous about putting my videos out there for everyone to see and hearing someone as talented as them have those thoughts too, I finally pushed record. Now I can have so much fun creating the content I want and putting it out for everyone to see.

     So if by chance you are reading this, Casey Neistat or Peter McKinnon, I just want to say thank you for your help and for creating amazing content for everyone to see. Keep it going, it's a great inspiration to other creators!

     If you want to go check out my channel and watch the videos I am putting out, and ya know, subscribe and show some love, click here. Have a great day!

- Papa Bird