The Key To A Well Behaved Dog

    When it comes to a well behaved dog, I believe exercise is the biggest and most important component. It’s rule number one on my list and something that I promote to train your puppy (Which on a side note if you want some of my puppy training tips click here). Now when it comes to dog training, I have no education in the area, I’m just basing it off of things I have read and how things have unfolded in my dog’s training. But with what is happening right now with Thor and Storm, I can’t think of anything more impactful to having a well behaved more than them getting their exercise.

    As you know Thor partially tore his ACL 5 weeks ago and luckily it wasn’t enough to do surgery. The surgeon said 6 weeks of rest and gradually work your way up in exercise. Ultimately Thor will show if something is bothering him or not so he will determine what exercise works for him just by if he is limping or not. 

    Proof of my theory is 3 fold in this situation:

1. Storm is actually sleeping in different rooms from Thor during the day

    Thor and Storm are best buds and are always around each other but since Thor has had insane amounts of extra energy Storm has chosen to keep a little distance so Thor won’t be pesting her all day haha.

2. Thor and Storm are both peeing and pooping on the deck if I’m not watching them

    Even when they were both puppies they never pooped or peed on the deck. The only thing that has changed from then to now is a lack of regular exercise. The rules haven’t changed, the place where they can go to the bathroom hasn’t changed, the frequency with which they get to go outside hasn’t changed. The only thing that has changed is the dogs regular exercise.

3. Simple tasks are now difficult

    Simple tasks that they have been amazing at for years are now difficult for them to maintain all the time. Tasks like waiting at the top of the stairs in the gym while I have clients in the gym. They have been great at just waiting at the top of the stairs. Waiting for the “ok” from me to come down the stairs and say hi to whoever is in the gym……but since they has been limited on exercise, this task and other tasks as well have become more difficult to maintain.

    The conclusion in what I’m trying to say is that from my perspective and what I’ve seen is that…


     Again I have no previous education or training when it comes to dog training but through this whole process that Thor and Storm are going through, the only situation that has changed is the lack of exercise. So I don’t know what other conclusion to come too. So I suggest exercise your dogs as much as you can and let them enjoy and they hopefully the behaviour gets better, and hey, maybe you can get some exercise too :) I just can't wait for Thor to heal up so I get back to having fun exercising my dogs again. I hope you have a great day!

- Papa Bird