The Dogs Love Destroying Toys

     When Thor and Storm were puppies I noticed that they particularly liked destroying toys. As they got older and stronger there didn't seem to be any toys that could withstand the destruction of Thor andStorm. They even broke the Kong treat toy which is supposed to be "indestructible". After a blowing through quite a few toys I thought it would be funny to take a photo of them in front of the toy they just destroyed. It's really funny to see the different expressions they have, sometimes it looks like they are upset or sad that the toy got destroyed, or worried that they will get in trouble, but other times they look so happy. There has only been one toy that they haven't been able to destroy and that is a particular type of 'Chuckit' dog toy. Below are just some of the photos I have taken throughout the years (there are lots more):

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These are the most "indestructible" dog toys I have come across. -->

The only ones to make it through the Thor and Storm test