Just Because the Baby Is Here Doesn't Mean Ignore the Dogs

Storm and Baby Bird

    Before the birth of my ‘baby bird’ all the attention in the house was towards my 2 dogs that my wife and I really love. So when the baby came, we wanted to make sure they felt just as loved and important as before we had the baby. I have heard about too many situations where the dog gets pushed aside in the family or even worse, completely kicked out of the family by being sold or given away.  For an animal that has unquestionable loyalty and unconditional love for you, I feel this is just horrible and didn’t want it to be our situation. There is enough love to go around so we just love them like we used to. This is what worked great for us to keep the dogs feeling loved:

1. We made sure the baby came into the dogs territory.

  • Because we had a C-section planned, we knew we would be away from home for a couple days, so we had to take the dogs to the kennel. Before we were going to bring Baby Bird home I went and picked the dogs up and brought them home, took them for a run, let them smell a blanket with the baby’s scent on it, and then went and picked up Mama Bird and Baby Bird and brought them home.

Thor and Baby Bird

2. We kept the dogs daily routine the exact same as it was before the baby.

3. The dogs weren’t separated from us in the house and could still go everywhere they could go before the baby was here.

4. We let them interact with the baby as long as we were there and making sure it was gentle.

5. We had to go the extra mile for them a few times.

  • After a few days of my ‘Baby Bird’ being at home one of my dogs (Thor) went through a phase of being sad and looking like he was questioning his place in the house. So we made sure he got more attention than usual, whether that was going for an extra run or some more play time or individually feeding him kernels of food (yes Mama Bird did do this.)

6. We wanted to make sure there was a good association with the baby.

  • We got the dogs excited about being around the baby by them realizing every time the stroller got pulled out, that meant they were going for a walk or run.

                                        - Papa Bird

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Thumbnail Photo is taken by Amy Amirault Photography