The Baby Is Breech, Now What?

     My wife and I found out that our ‘baby bird’ was breech with a couple months to go and then had a decision to make to stick with natural delivery or go for a c-section. At first I think there was a little worrying because lots of things can go wrong in surgery. We then had a consultation with the doctor to discuss the possible options and we ended up deciding to go with a c-section. The doctor explained that lots of time breech babies can get delivered naturally with no problems but if something does happen and an emergency c-section must take place, all the possible risk factors increase. We also talked with friends and family who had experience in this area and the general consensus was just go with the c-section, its much better. So we chose the c-section and it was a great decision. Looking back, some great things about the c-section were:

  1. Being that my wife and I are very organized, being able to plan the birth made things a lot less stressful
  2. Waking up the morning of and knowing today we were getting our baby was a pretty cool feeling, no waiting or wondering
  3. There was no labour for my wife
  4. The baby was out within 5 minutes of me going into the operating room and within 45 minutes we were back in the recovery room
  5. No risk of ripping for my wife’s downstairs region :)

  - Papa Bird

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