The 5 Habits Needed To Become A Morning Person

    There is new research that suggests being a morning person or night person is actually in our DNA. But just like everything else you can teach your mind and body to overcome this and become a morning person if you happen to be a night person. Below are 5 habits you need to become a morning person and if you already feel like you are a morning person then these will just help you even more.

Have Set Bed Times and Wake Up Times EVERYDAY 

  • It’s no wonder that when it comes to Monday mornings most people dread them especially since you just spent the weekend staying up late and sleeping in. And chances are you didn’t need to. Having the same bed time and same wake up time is crucial to becoming a morning person. It doesn’t matter if its Saturday or Sunday or any day that you might have off. It also doesn’t matter if you stayed up later than you should have the night before. You need to wake up at the SAME TIME EVERYDAY to build a good routine. And just think that if you are really tired that day from getting up earlier then that night you will be able to go to sleep earlier. If you do this long enough your body might even get to the point of not letting you sleep in if you try.

Set Yourself Up For Success The Night Before

  • When it comes to chores or tasks, especially ones you’re not really keen on, if you have the mindset of “oh I will just leave it for tomorrow” it will make your morning more difficult. You should always set yourself up for success in the morning by finishing all those things on your list the night before. Don’t let the dishes pile up to do the next day. Who wants to do dishes first thing in the morning? No one. This also means putting things into place so they are ready to go right away.  It goes like this, if you know you need to workout in the morning. When you wake up don’t put your robe and slippers on or casual comfy clothes. You have your workout clothes ready in your room and you put them on right away so you will be good to go workout right after breakfast. You need to set up your morning so there are as few moving parts as possible. 

Phone or Alarm CANNOT Be Beside The Bed

  • Chances are the snooze button is part of what is killing your morning. You need to eliminate it as an option. Put your phone or alarm on the other side of the room. Put it further away than you think you should. Put it as far away as you can. Make it an annoying sound so you have to shut it off quick. Just do anything to get your ass out of bed and walking.

Properly Fuelling Your Body

  • One of the most important habits you need to get into is having a healthy breakfast and staying hydrated. Once you get into the kitchen the first thing you should do is drink water. Drink a good amount. This kick starts your metabolism and gets the day started the right way. Then of course you need a healthy breakfast. Make the right choice so that you feel good inside to take on the day outside. If you fuel your body with junk you’re going to feel like junk. If making a healthy breakfast is hard for you, then this is the time to use another habit you just learned about and set yourself up for success the night before by making your breakfast ahead of time so that you just have to pop it in the microwave in the morning.

My cheesy 80's style promotion of drinking water haha :)

Bonus: Get Outside

  • Although this might not be a must I do find that it does wonders for me and I highly recommend it. Go outside for a walk. Get moving, breathe in that fresh air, enjoy the quiet, think positive thoughts, and clear your head. If the whole family is up then maybe go for a family walk. Give it a try bright and early.

NOTE: If you are not really wanting to be a morning person then this won’t work for you. You have to want to incorporate these changes to help you or else you will just hate the whole process.

    Now when incorporating all these habits into your routine you need to make sure you stick with them for 21 days. Why 21 days you ask? Because they say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. So what you’re going to do is take 21 sticky notes and number then from 1-21. You are then going to pick a room in your house to put them in that you go into everyday. After the first day of completing the task you take sticky note “1” down (Do not throw it out! You just put it somewhere close. You might need it later). Then after day 2 of completion you take sticky not “2” down and so on and so on. You try and make it 21 days straight. BUT IF YOU MESS UP JUST ONCE you have to put all the sticky notes back up and start back at day 1. The idea being by the end of the 21 days it is no longer something that needs to be worked at because it is implemented and is now just a regular thing that you do. 

     What do you think? Is there something that’s not on this list that should be? Give this a try and let me know how it goes in the comments down below. If you like this post and like what we do on this blog, please share this with your friends and family.

- Papa Bird