That Was A Big Night

     Over the weekend we had the night that I'm sure most parents get quite nervous for, and that's spending the first night away from the baby. Now I have already spent a few nights away from Baby Bird when Mama Bird and her went to go visit Mama Bird's Mom but this was the first night that both us were away from Baby Bird.

     We knew we wanted Baby Bird's first sleepover to happen while she was still young so she wouldn't be so locked in to the exact same thing and making it difficult to spend a night away from us and home. So we asked my parents if she could come over for a sleepover to which they replied with an ecstatic "Yes, of coarse! We would love to!", because what grandparent doesn't want to enjoy that fun night?

     We also knew that it would have moments of difficulty knowing we weren't going to see to Baby Bird at all through the day and night. To combat this we figured we might as well start our busy summer of renovating and sand and paint the deck in the backyard. Ya know, to keep ourselves busy and not thinking about missing our baby all day, two birds, one stone, get it? :) haha

    Overall it was huge success on both counts. A big night for everyone. Baby Bird had lots of fun and was an excellent baby for Nana and Papa who had a blast looking after Baby Bird creating some fun memories. On the flip side we finished sanding and painting the deck, making it look pristine and continued our renovating tradition.

    You see every single time Mama Bird and I have done any work in the house we order in food and make it a big night. This was no exception but what made this one even better is we ordered in from my favourite restaurant EVER! The restaurant is La Patrona, Mexican cuisine at it's finest.

....on a side note, it really is the best Mexican cuisine in the area. If you like 'Tres Carneles' in Edmonton which has won't best Mexican restaurant in Edmonton, they you will love 'La Patrona' because it's better! If you go give it a try, tell em Derek Sparrow sent ya ;) but I digress....

So after a very busy but accomplishing day of getting stuff done we enjoyed the most delicious authentic Mexican Tacos and relaxed together and had a great night! Check out the photos below and don't forget to subscribe and comment below. Have a great day! Talk to you soon!

Sanding and Painting the Deck

Baby Bird Spending the Night At Nana and Papa's

...and of coarse 'La Patrona' Tacos :)

- Papa Bird