Task #1 For My 'Happiness Project'


     Anyone that knows me, knows that I enjoy TV and movies, and when I say enjoy I mean ENJOY. I watch a lot of TV and movies. I just love all that entertainment I have access to and what it does for me.

     While I'm writing this I don't think you fully grasp how much I really love it. So scroll down and see. This also shows how much I love stats and order and keeping track (I know it's weird but that brings me enjoyment too haha). This is the last 3 years of my TV watching, just my TV watching so not including the movies:

     Now you have a better understand of the craziness that is my love for TV.....and my stats.

     But anyways, back the main point of this post. To get the most out of the 'Happiness Project' I need to have as much time available for whatever I'm doing and even though TV and movies brings me a lot of joy it also takes up time from other stuff I love to do. And considering my favourite part about TV and movie watching is rewatching my favourite shows over and over and over and over again. That's a lot of time spent on something that doesn't necessarily get me anything new. Now don't get me wrong, I love it, but I really want to move forward in whatever aspect I'm working on.

     So I'm starting something today that might be tough for me to do, but for the rest of the year I can only watch TV or movies during menial tasks or when I have actual free time. Also, to take it one step further for me, and try and REwatch shows as little as possible, because why not let some time pass and then when I finally do rewatch the greatness of all my favourite shows, it will be even better.

     Doing this is going to free up so much time for me. For anything that makes me happy. More time with my family, more time for exercise, more time for organization, more time for filming, more time for writing, more time for reading, more time for just general happiness. It's going to be great (.....and difficult too haha)!

     For me to get this done, I need to set up guilt accountability for myself because I'm like a junky for TV and I will relapse if I can't convince myself otherwise. So that's what I did today. I made signs that said, "You can only watch TV and Movies during menial tasks or if you have actual free time". I printed 3 of them out and put them where I know they would have the most impact:

On my iPad (I do 90% of my TV watching on my iPad because I can bring it everywhere)

On the TV


On the counter where I keep my iPad

Now the signs are taped in place and I'm good to go.

Task #1 for my 'Happiness Project' started.

Free time for happiness increased exponentially! :)

     What would be Task #1 for your Happiness Project? Let me know down in the comments below. Also don't forget to have a great day! Talk to you soon.

- Papa Bird