Sweet Dreams

I've got you wrapped up in your favourite blanket. Warm against my chest. 

Your breathing softens as you sleep. Sweet dreams my baby, rest. 


It's this moment I want to freeze in time. How calm and safe you feel. 

The way you melt into sleep, is this even real?


Your beautiful in every way. It engulfs my soul. 

So peaceful and serene, oh baby I love you so. 


A part of me resides in you, as you in me. 

And I can't help but reflect on how things used to be. 


I wish nothing but the best for you in this crazy world. 

I hope you keep that sweet soft skin, pretty as a pearl.


I'll be your crying shoulder, forever should you need. 

Mamas got you safe in arms, no need for lock and key. 


But for now I'll just hold you tight, tight against my chest.

I love you little girl. Sweet dreams my baby, rest.

- Mama Bird

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