Should I Have Kids: The Deciding Factor

   Having kids was never a certainty for me and I definitely went through some different stages of opinions on the matter:

  • High school - “That’s too far away, who cares, I will worry about that later.”
  • Early 20’s - “I’m not having kids ever! Think about how much money I will save and free time I will have.”
  • Mid 20’s - “We’ll see. If it does happen, great. If it doesn’t happen, great. Play it by ear when the time gets here”
  • At 29 - “I’m ready, lets have kids!”

    My wife and I were in the same boat and one day we were having a talk about the future and if kids were going to be in it. After that conversation I started to really think deeply and picture the future and how I wanted it to look like (this is something I have a hard time doing in certain areas of my life). Once I analyzed it, the answer was a definite yes, and the deciding factor all had to do with how I wanted the future look. 

    I have a very big extended family. I love all the family get togethers that have created amazing memories and I want to create that for my kids and grandkids. But most of all (even though I have no idea just how its going to be in the future) I think my life will be more fulfilling if I can go through it with my wife and raise kids and have an amazing family. Thinking about all the spectacular moments (as well as the difficult ones) that are ahead for me and my wife is so exciting! I cant wait to see what the future holds in store for my family!

                                                                                                                   -Papa Bird

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