Scariest Moment of My Life

    Being that our baby bird was breech, we had a planned C-section and we were definitely happy with this but little did I know that I would experience the scariest moment of my life.

    On the day of the C-section, just before the delivery they took my wife into the operating room alone to get her ready for the surgery by doing the spinal and making sure she was numb from the chest down. During this time I was not allowed in because they don’t bring the father into the operating room until everything is frozen and everyone is ready to go. A nurse comes out and says “Ok daddy you can come in now, we’re ready to go”. I walk in and sit in the chair beside Mama Bird’s head and grab her hand and start talking to her. At this moment there is a huge curtain hanging down above my wife’s chest area and I cant see what is going on on the other side of the curtain (which is great because I don’t think I could handle watching the surgery). 

    After a couple minutes of being in the room the doctor tells Mama Bird “Ok you are going to feel a little pressure”. Now I need to emphasize that he said “little pressure” because what followed did not look like a “little pressure”. After he says that, wifey says ok and then my view turned awful. All of a sudden wifey couldn’t breathe and she looked like she was convulsing on the table! It looked so bad to me, I didn’t know why this was happening and my brain immediately went to “SOMETHINGS WRONG” and “OH MY GOD! I’M LOSING MY WIFE! SHE IS DYING”. I know that is a very extreme place to go but believe me when I say that I legitimately thought it was happening. According to Mama Bird in this moment I turned white as a ghost and I couldn’t get any words out. I was feeling light headed and worried about passing out and then within a few minutes my baby was out and healthy and Mama Bird was ok. All that scariness I went through was gone and I was overcome with Joy as I was able to hold my Baby Bird for the first time :)


    After it was all done I found the reason that there was some violent convulsing and she couldn’t breathe was because in a C-section they push the baby out from the top down. I was told they push pretty hard and being that Baby Bird was sitting so high in Mama Bird’s tummy the doctor pushing high up in the lung area was making wifey not be able to breathe and therefore start convulsing. I definitely wish that I would have known that this was a regular type of reaction in a C-section but none the less it only lasted for a minute (although it felt like forever) and then the greatest gift I have ever gotten was born. If you and your wife are having a C-section just be prepared for something like this and know that its part of what happens regularly. But none the less that was most definitely the scariest moment of my life. What was the scariest moment of your life? Let me know down in the comments below.

- Papa Bird

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