Product Review: The Owlet Smart Sock

    The Owlet Smart Sock is quite the popular baby item.  You may have seen or heard about it in stores labelling “Best Baby Products.”  That’s how we found out about it. But if you’ve never heard of it, it’s essentially a monitoring system that tracks your baby’s heart rate and pulse oximetry.  Genius right! We certainly thought so.  What better way to get reassurance that your baby is ok than a device that monitors your baby’s heart rate?! During the early months, it’s anxiety inducing leaving your baby to sleep.  They are soo tiny and fragile and your constantly worried if they aren’t crying that something must be terribly wrong.  And your soo tired but you can’t sleep a wink just in case something happens.  But a monitoring system that alarms if baby is in distress?  That sounds like a good nights sleep to me!

    The Owlet Smart Sock 2 was the first monitoring system that we purchased.  We were in love with the idea of having that extra reassurance.  We opted for the second model because of the app which allows the monitoring system to link to your phone so you can literally acquire the heart rate and pulse oximetry reading of your little one.  Smells like roses right?!  

This alert happens almost every single time you open the app. When it can't find the base station you have to reset it

    Unfortunately, it hasn’t been our best baby product.  I really like being able to check on Baby Bird’s vitals from the app on my phone.  It allows me to analyze when she is in a sound sleep and when she isn’t.  Seeing the actual readings also gives me that reassurance that I need.  However, we’ve experienced MAJOR glitches with the app.  To the point that it is driving me CRAZY!!!!!  Every time I open the app to check on Baby Bird’s vitals, I get this error message of, “App cannot connect to Base Station.”  It doesn’t matter where I am in the house or how far I am from the base station, 90% of the time, I get this error.  So I close the app and reopen it (like it says to do) and guess what? Error again!! And again! AND AGAIN! Until I get so frustrated I go upstairs to the Base Station and unplug the whole thing to reset it.  Now I understand that just because the app doesn’t connect, doesn’t mean the system isn’t working.  The Base Station will alert you of any distress regardless of the app working or not.  But when you specifically spend the extra money to get the system with the app, you expect the app to work!   I honestly would much rather have the Base Station show the readings then have the non-functioning app.

    At around 8 weeks we put Baby Bird in her crib to sleep at night.  And when we did this we had to get a video baby monitor because you want to be able to visually see what your baby is up to.  And I have to say I LOVE our video monitor.  It allows me to see and hear Baby Bird.  We still use the Owlet Smart Sock at night time along with the video monitor because I do like the fact that it monitors her vitals.  But if you’re looking to purchase a monitoring system I think I would suggest going with just the video monitor.  The price tag on the Owlet is hefty and for the most part I think you could manage just fine without it.  Maybe eventually they will work out the glitches with the app and my opinion of it might change, but for your own sanity, just go with the video monitor.  It will save you the annoyance and a big chunk of change! Do you own the Owlet Smart Sock, if so let us know what you thought in the comments below.

                                        - Mama Bird