Papa Bird's Random Weekly Coolness

Here's some more random coolness for you to check out. To check out previous coolness posts click here.

Infinity Galaxy Puzzle

"Have you ever done a puzzle that has no beginning or end? Where you don't know up from down? Get lost in the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle. The Infinity Puzzle is a new type of jigsaw puzzle that tiles continuously. It has no fixed shape, no starting point, and no edges. It can be assembled in thousands of different ways."

If you like puzzles and need a challenge, then you need to buy yourself this puzzle.

Miguel - War and Leisure

     Future R&B legend, Miguel, just released his newest album 'War and Leisure. I'm a big fan of Miguel so I had to buy it and it did not disappoint. Within the first few days I have already listened to it all the way through 5 or 6 times. It's got me hooked so I had to put it in this weeks coolness. You need to go listen to this album. Stand out songs are: 'Pineapple Skies', 'Banana Clip', 'Wolf', 'Told You So' and 'Now'.


     If you are looking for an action camera that provides the smooth, crisp, no-shake video that you see with drones then you need to preorder the 'GimbalCam'. This is the first action camera with built-in 3-Axis Gimbal and Image Stabilization Software. Because of this it has some pretty amazing quality video. It's still in it's infancy so you can only pre-order it from their indiegogo campaign. It's looks pretty cool though.