Papa Bird's Random Weekly Coolness

    Welcome to a new post series I will being doing, Papa Bird's Random Weekly Coolness. It's just different cool things that I find in my searches online. It might be a YouTube video, a cool product, an uplifting story, or anything that just catches my eye. I hope you enjoy!

The Backflipping Robot

This is just insane! We are not far away from the rise of the machines. You gotta love how the robot sticks the landing haha. Check out some of the other robots here, those people make some pretty amazing machines.

The Secret Shoe

Now this shoe isn't my style and there is no way I would spend this crazy amount of money on a shoe. But this is a shoe made for James Bond. 007 would be proud to have this shoe. Check it out here.

 Look how much stuff the shoe holds. So crazy!

Look how much stuff the shoe holds. So crazy!

The 60 Minute Backyard Hockey Rink

Want to have your own easy-to-install hockey rink in your backyard? Then you need to buy EZ ICE's 60 Minute Backyard Hockey Rink. This is pretty cool. They have a wide variety of sizes from 15'x30' to a professional sized rink as well as custom sizes. Don't show your kids who love hockey because they may start to pressure you to buy one. You can check it out here.