Papa Bird's Logic Lectures: You're Using 'Next' Wrong

    What I am going to be talking about today is my favourite debate to get into with people and it’s all about the use of the word ‘next’. Before I start I do realize that this topic is pretty ridiculous. I know I am the minority and most people won’t agree with me but it’s still a fun debate.

    When it comes to referring to future days of the week and the following week you’re using the word ‘next’ wrong. Let’s say that its Monday October 2nd and you are making plans with someone. You want to hang out with your friend on Wednesday the 11th and I bet that the phrasing you would use would be “Let’s hang out next Wednesday” when really the “next” Wednesday is the 4th. Why are we using next Wednesday if its not the next Wednesday? I don’t know who started it but it doesn’t make sense to me haha.

    In any other circumstance next means the very next thing. Example.  If an assistant is controlling her bosses schedule and the boss has a meeting with a potential client at 10am and then a staff meeting at 11am and at the start of the day the boss asks “what do I have next this morning?” the assistant would never say the staff meeting is next.

    Like I said before, I know I’m the minority in this situation but I still don’t get why we don’t use next the correct way. At least I have Jerry Seinfeld on my side. I seem to get into this debate more than anything else haha but I want to pass it off to you, whose side are you on? What way do you think it should it be? Like, share, and let me know in the comments down below. 

                                        - Papa Bird

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