Papa Bird's Logic Lectures: Texting Acronyms

    I’m back for my next Logic Lecture. If you want to see the first one click here. This one has to do with exactly what the title says, texting and the acronyms used. Now I understand in today's day and age communication through devices is happening all the time. I also understand that we as a society always need everything faster and more efficient. So what do we do? We come up with an entirely new lingo with dedicated acronyms. Now although I think most of this is ridiculous, I understand that most of the acronyms created make sense and do save time. An acronym is meant for words or phrases that are long or complicated. Generally it takes the first letter of each word in the phrase to make the 'new word' which then becomes the acronym for that particular phrase. Take 'LASER' for example, it stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.  Let's be real nobody is going to say that, hence why they came up with laser. There is also FBI, CIA, NATO, and many more, but you get the idea. Now when it comes to texting or electronic communication acronyms like ‘TBH - to be honest’, ‘BRB - be right back’, and ‘NSFW - not suitable for work’ all make sense. They make sense because when they are used in texting either having the whole phrase spelled out or just the acronym keeps it a complete sentence. Taking ‘TBH’ for example, if I said “I just don't really like cereal anymore, TBH.” That sentence still makes sense without the phrase in it’s acronym form, “I just don't really like cereal anymore, to be honest.” That’s what an acronym should do for you. But some of the slang today throws that logic out the window. For example:

BAE - Before Everyone Else

Usually this phrase is referring to your significant other people use it in this way: “My BAE and I are staying in tonight.” So if we put in the whole phrase it would be “My before everyone else and I are staying in tonight.” What?! How does that make any sense? Maybe I’m just getting old.


THOT - That Hoe Over There

This a derogatory term and is used as an insult I guess. But the way it’s used is ridiculous. It will show up in sentences in ways that makes no sense like: “Look at that THOT over there” or “She’s a THOT”. Do I even need to point out how that makes no sense. “She’s a that hoe over there”. What?! You can’t even insult cleverly. 


ROTFL - Roll On The Floor Laughing

Now although this makes sense grammatically it makes no sense logistically. Has anyone actually gone from standing to rolling on the floor laughing. I doubt it haha. So why do we say it if we don’t actually do it. I don’t know.

LOL - Laugh Out Loud

Now this one boggles my mind the most. Now I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy but it really does twist my mind up. EVERY LAUGH IS OUT LOUD. If you didn’t make an audible sound in some sort of way to show that you thought it was funny, then it’s not a laugh. Laugh means “to make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement”. You can’t laugh internally. It really should just be ‘L’ and get rid of the ‘OL’. I have heard that it also means ‘Lots of Laughs’ which makes way more sense. Now of coarse I’m looking at it way too in depth and I have been guilty of typing LOL in text messages, I just think its funny the way it’s used.

    So to summarize, I’m crazy and I have weird ideas about stupid stuff like silly acronyms but that’s ok. It’s all fun and games. LOL ;)

                                        - Papa Bird