Now The Chaos Begins

     Well that was a crazy busy few days. It's good to have a little relax time but this relax is not going to last for very long, because it's about to get crazier.

     Over the weekend we had a joint garage with my parents at their house. This meant bringing everything over and laying it out and pricing it on Thursday. The pricing is the tedious part as it is so time consuming. Baby Bird had fun that day though :)

     Between still seeing my clients and rushing back and fourth, everything got priced and ready to go.

     Friday morning the door opened for people to explore the goodies we were willing to part with but because it was going to be a long day and I wouldn't get workout time I had to get a run in.

And of coarse the dogs needed to go for a walk so Baby Bird and I took them for a walk

     The garage sale went pretty good although the rain and wind on Saturday really slowed down the traffic. But that is all good because almost everything we didn't sell got donated.

     Then on Sunday it was go time because renovations in the basement are starting on Monday so that meant it needed to be cleared out completely and ready to go. So everything downstairs had to get hauled upstairs and stored in a way that it doesn't get in our way too much. This is when you realize how much stuff you have but definitely don't need (there is going to be another purge cleaning once these renovations are done).

Bikes and strollers being stored in our bedroom. Thor had to get in the photo :)

     The spare bedroom is packed up really full with everything else, luckily we don't need that room so it can be out of commission and just be a storage room for the time being.

    That was a crazy busy 4 days, but it's done now. Onto the next one.

The basement has never been this empty before

     But now we are ready to start these renovations! Hopefully they go as smoothly as possible. We can already picture how nice it's going to be relaxing in the basement :)