Missing The Mountains

     Every once and a while I get these extreme longings to go back to the place that we love, Canmore. This perfect destination in the mountains that has everything that Mama Bird and I want. Today is one of those days that I want to be there.

     Quite often it seems as though people don’t find the place where they want to settle down til much later in life. They travel to many different places to find that spot that gives them that satisfying feeling. I feel so lucky that we have found that place already. It’s not a question of where but when. Mama Bird and I definitely plan on retiring there, but if only it could be sooner haha.

    For me it’s just better in every way. It’s close so no air travel to get there. It’s beautiful, the landscape is so breathtaking. It’s pretty quiet, for such an amazing place to not be over run with tourists, is great. It also probably helps that Banff is so close down the highway it takes many of the tourists away from Canmore. It’s an active community with lots of activities to do there. It’s dining is fantastic, whether it’s fine dining, pub food, or cafes there are so many to choose from that are all great.

     All the activities that we love to do get amped up as soon as we are there. Biking, both regular mountain biking  and fat biking is so awesome there. There are thousands of km of trails, most of which we haven’t even explored yet. There’s snowboarding at mountain resorts which doesn’t even compare to ski hills around the city. There’s hiking and rock climbing and many more that I haven’t even tried yet. I’m ready to go right now haha

     But enough of me rambling. If you’ve read this far on a post that’s basically just a diary entry, thanks. Now I pass the question off to you, where is that dream place you wish to settle? Or have you already found it and are there? Are you more of a beach person? Let me know in the comments down below.

- Papa Bird

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