Lately you may have noticed multiple Facebook or Twitter feeds with a simple "#metoo." Friends, family, long lost acquaintances all seem to be posting it. But what does it mean you ask? 

    It's meant to reflect the number of individuals who have experienced sexual assault or harassment and show just how common it really is. Strike a nerve, does it? It's shocking really. People you would never guess are often victims of the worst things. 

    I think it's quite sad really. And definitely unnerving. To think about raising my daughter in a world where such a thing happens to so many. How do I protect her? Can I protect her? All these questions that arise from such a movement. 

    For starters, I don't think sexual assault/harassment is talked about enough. I know first hand it's not easy to talk about. So frequently victims of such acts feel ashamed or embarrassed or alone. When really this is a "normal" occurrence. By normal I don't mean an "acceptable" act. I mean that such a significant number of women experience some form of sexual assault or harassment making it seem as if it's a "normal" part of life. But it's not. Frequent? Yes. Normal/Okay? Absolutely not.

    Surprised at your feed? Surprised by who is posting this hashtag? Shocking isn't it. Disturbing. Frustrating. But truly empowering. Social media gets a lot of flack, but when something like this happens it's actually quite moving. It opens your eyes a bit at the reality of the world. The reality of being a woman. And you want to reach out to these people that have been through this. You want to help. You want to know more. But sometimes the story doesn't matter. Just building awareness and conversation is enough. Enough for now anyways. 

    So stand strong. Stand together. And talk about it. We're all in this together. 

    Like so many others: ME TOO.

- Mama Bird

Thumbnail photo taken by Night and Day Photography