Keeping Stress At Bay

    As women we are amazing multitaskers. We can balance a kid on our hip, while making dinner, while talking on the phone, while playing soccer with the dogs. Literally we are super humans.

    But do we sometimes create more stress than we need? I'm sure all men would say, "YES!" And they would be right.  If your anything like me, you are all too familiar with the master to-do lists. I don't just mean the little list stuck to the counter that just has the "what to accomplish today" stuff. I'm talking about the lists of "every outing planned for the next 3 weeks" list, and the "things that need to be done soon but not immediately" list. As if that's not enough.  Then there's the "what goals do we have for this year" list or the "what should my kid go for as Halloween for the next 5 years" list.

    I admit, I sometimes find myself getting too carried away. When I feel like time is going too fast, I try to plan ridiculously far ahead in hopes of "optimizing" my time. It's okay to think ahead but do I really need to be thinking of Baby Birds first birthday theme right now? That's still 10 months to go! But of course I do.  

    And I think it's important to recognize when we get "out of control." Is it really helping? Or is it just adding unnecessary stress? Time is precious as we all know. Yet we struggle to live in the moment. To appreciate what we have RIGHT NOW. TODAY. Instead of looking so far ahead maybe we need to beg time to slow down. To let us catch up. So instead of scrabbling in frantic worry about your life 2 kids from now..take a breath and chill out. It's okay to be organized but don't be a psycho about it. Do what needs to be done and forget the rest. I'm betting there is enough stress and chaos in your every day life that you don't need to worry about Christmas next year, right now. 

    If you have a thought, write it down and then forget it. Enjoy the now. Focus on crossing things off your list instead of adding them.  Simplify your ideas and store them away until they are actually things to worry about.  As much as I hope you listen to this, I mostly wrote it for myself. I'm the BIGGEST culprit of outrageous future planning and list making...

- Mama Bird

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