I’ve Been Spoiled, But I'm Tired

    If you have read this blog for a while you know that Baby Bird has been a fantastic sleeper right from the get go. So much so that if our next child more closely resembles what the general public tells us is normal baby behaviour we are in for a rude awakening haha. Baby Bird has been sleeping through the night since 3 months old and yes I know that is very lucky. This week though was a little bit different.

    As you know, Mama Bird and Baby Bird were on a trip to visit her Mom in Ontario. Since they have been back, much like anyone else going through a time zone change, there has been some adjustments and that equalled out to some disruptive sleeps. Which means I’ve had my routine broken and apparently I wasn’t ready for it haha. Just a few days of disrupted sleeps and all of a sudden I’m walking around like a zombie. It’s nothing to complain about, it’s just funny how much my brain wants to tell me, “poor you” and then I have to slap myself and smarten up because that’s not a valid thought to have. I have been spoiled so much in terms of how good Baby Bird has been so no “poor me” haha.


….and now an update. I feel like its been a while since we did an update on everything.

    Mama Bird and Baby Bird had a great time on their trip. For Baby Bird’s first time traveling she did very good with just some minor freak outs (one of which consisted of her crying for the entire last flight of 45 minutes 😢 poor Mama Bird) but overall great.

    Thor’s knee seems to be getting better and he isn’t limping anymore at all but it’s still a week and a half away from the 6 week rest mark the surgeon suggested. The difficult part is that he wants to run and play so bad but can’t just yet. Every time I workout in the gym, Thor and Storm get to workout too. During my rest times is when I would throw or kick the ball for them but since Thor can’t run right now they keep dropping the ball at my feet and looking at me with a look that says “why aren’t you throwing the ball Dad?”. It’s so sad and I feel so bad. But soon enough I can test he ability to get back at it :)

- Papa Bird