It's Time To Start Decorating

    It’s October and my favourite holiday is only 3 weeks away and I’m so excited! This means it’s time to get the house ready for our big Halloween party and this year will mark our 5th annual Sparrow Halloween Party. I go all out for the party so I need to start decorating early which if you read the list of things I do that drive my wife crazy you know she doesn’t like how early I start doing the decorating.

    This year is a little bit different for two reasons: the first being that this will be the first party that Baby Bird is around for; the second being that and I finally took Mama Bird’s concern for how early I decorate into consideration. (Normally as soon as October 1st hits I get started going all out). I realize I should have taken her concern into account before but I just get so excited I can’t contain it. So I promised her that I would wait a week or so before I get the house all spookified.

    This past Saturday I had the day off from work so I was going to get started on decorating but I didn’t take into account what might happen - our Baby Bird was fussy. Now throughout these past 8 weeks Baby Bird has been the perfect baby and has not put Mama Bird and I through very much grief but as fate would have it, the day I start decorating is the day that she decides to put us through the most grief. Mama Bird and I both had plans to get lots of stuff done and it was going to be a great day. It just seemed that no matter what we did to try and ease the situation and calm Baby Bird down, nothing worked. This meant both Mama Bird and I had to sacrifice stuff off of our to-do list to make sure Baby Bird was ok. It’s funny how a day can get away from you so quickly with a new baby.  Soo I barely got anything that I wanted to get done, crossed off my list. Thats ok though, I just have to adjust my approach and utilize my time to get everything done. Therefore today is the start of better time management. That’s such a great thing that a new baby can do for you is give you the opportunity to grow and really not take advantage of excess time. 

    Now that I have lost a few days of decorating, it’s time to get back on track and today I’m going to do just that. This years decor is based around a witch’s house where she practiced all her experiments and now its abandoned and haunted Ooooooooo spooky :) This part is sooo much fun I love it. Well its time to get back to it, writing this has been a long enough break. Let me know what you think down in the comment section below.

                                        - Papa Bird

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