It's Story Time

    Being that it’s Halloween I figured I would tell a couple personal ‘scary’ stories. There’s nothing like that heart pounding, palm sweating, hair raising feeling of fear. Looking back at these stories now it’s funny that I got so scared, but in the moment I was pretty terrified.

    It’s A Bear

    When I was about 12 years old my family went camping with some family friends. On this particular trip there were signs warning people about an over abundance of bears coming into the campground and going through peoples campsites.  This happens from time to time when in the outdoors. It’s just a precaution.  Majority of the time you don’t even spot any bears let alone have an interference with them. As a kid, I think you are, for the most part, pretty oblivious to this kind of stuff unless told otherwise.  On this particular trip though, we had a couple close encounters of which included multiple sightings from vehicles and one that actually crossed our path when we were walking.  After seeing so many bears I definitely paid more attention when just us kids were on our own biking or walking around.

    One night everyone was at one campsite having a campfire and hanging out. One of my friends and I decided we wanted to play a board game so we walked back to my families trailer (which was a few campsites away). We started playing a game, Monopoly I think, and we were having a good time when all of a sudden my friend felt a little shake in the trailer. He asked “Did you feel that?” and I replied “No. Feel what?” He said, “I think the trailer just shook a little bit.” We continued playing the game, not thinking much of it, when all of a sudden it happened again. “Ok I definitely felt that one” I said, but maybe it was just the wind. We kept playing and then it happened again, but this time a little harder. Now we thought it was unlikely the wind.  Then it happened again and even harder and this time we heard what seemed to be a low growl. So immediately we thought that there was a bear in the campsite. It happened one more time with a bigger shake of the trailer and a louder growl. By now we were confident it was a bear and we tried to be quiet as we moved about the trailer, hoping to get a better look.  Our eyes were having a hard time adjusting from the light in the trailer to the darkness outside so we were getting really close to the windows. We were pretty scared at this point, at least I was, and as we were looking out this one window, all of a sudden my dad jumped out and banged on the window and yelled! We jumped back and screamed as he came into the trailer laughing hysterically.

    Looking back, this was such a good scare because from the first shake to the jump out, it had to have been 10 minutes at least! That’s commitment. My dad just kept building that intensity and ended up really pulling it off. Kudos on a good scare.

    Faulty Technology?

    This next story is a short one but totally creepy. I was older this time, around 20 years old, and a few friends and I were watching ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose.’ So demons, haunting, psychosis.  All scary stuff. We were about half way through the movie when one of my friends received a phone call (it was on one of those old flip phones). So we paused the movie and he answered it, but no one was on the other end. Weird, we thought.  But technology failed from time to time (especially in those days), so no big deal. About 20 minutes later, his phone rung again.  This time nothing even popped up on the screen.  It was just blank.  He answered it but again no response on the other end. Now we were bit weirded out and on edge. We finished the movie (which was pretty freaky - if you haven’t seen it the barn scene is crazy scary), and his phone rung again. Nothing on the screen again. Instead of answering it, he decided to take the battery out - just in case it was a glitchy thing. So he took it out and I kid you not the phone kept ringing! We all looked at each other freaked out, thinking, what is going on. It stopped ringing, he put the battery back in, my friends left, but instead of going to bed I watched a funny movie to prevent my mind from wandering with crazy ideas haha. I’m sure all that happened was some faulty technology with some bad timing but it was sure an uneasy feeling.  It’s funny how a scary movie can elicit fear.

    Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoyed these stories.  Do you have any good stories that gave you the goosebumps? Let me know in the comments below.

- Papa Bird