It's Hard To Put Into Words

    Being a new father I frequently get asked the question, “how are you liking being a dad?” and I say “it’s amazing! It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world! There’s nothing like it!” but I don’t think that even captures how great it really is. I can’t seem to really put it into words what it means to me. When I say it to people, who don’t have kids or even some that do, I don’t think they really are grasping the magnitude of greatness I am trying to express. I think part of the reason being is that words are not used in accordance to what they ACTUALLY mean, therefore degrading the value and weight of specific adjectives. Example: 

    If you are fan of stand up comedy like I am you should watch Louis C.K.’s take on how people use words. In his special ‘Hilarious’ from 2010 he describes it perfectly and it goes like this:

“We go right for the top shelf with our words now. We don’t think about how we talk. We just say “Dude, it was amazing. It was amazing.” Really? You were amazed? You were amazed by a basket of chicken wings? Really? Amazing. What are you gonna do with the rest of your life now? What if something really happens to you? What if Jesus comes down from the sky and makes love to you all night long, And leaves the new, living lord in your belly? What are you gonna call that? You used “amazing” On a basket of chicken wings. You’ve limited yourself verbally…”

(On a side note if you want to see Louis C.K. tell the joke, which you should because he does a great job of it, ‘Hilarious’ is on Netflix and go to minute mark 44:02 to hear the joke)

    Although this is so funny and completely true, it’s exactly how I feel in this moment. When I say being a dad is great or special or amazing or breathtaking I’m using those words for what they actually mean. Great means, “of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average.” Special means, “exceptionally good or precious.” Amazing means, “causing great surprise or wonder: astonishing.” Breathtaking means, “astonishing or awe-inspiring in quality, so as to take one's breath away.” These are the words and respective definitions that describe how great it is to be a parent.

My little monster :)

    And that’s how I feel about my daughter.  I feel so lucky to be able to have her in my life. When she smiles at me or follows me with her eyes as I walk around the room or stops crying because I pick her up and show her love or when she is just holding onto to me and falls asleep because she knows she is in a safe place, I get all those feelings every time. Even though there are the hard times when you want to pull your hair out because its not working the way you want, none of the those bad times could even compare to the great, special, amazing, breathtaking moments that melt your heart and make your love grow for this tiny baby. I just love her so much! It truly is AMAZING. :)

- Papa Bird

Thumbnail Image taken by Amy Amirault Photography

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