It Makes My Day

    I have no reason to complain when it comes to work. I have converted my garage to a private fitness studio so I don’t have to leave the house for work. It’s the best situation I could get. Even though I’m only a few steps away from Baby Bird, Mama Bird, Thor and Storm I still miss them so much while I’m working. I probably wouldn’t react very good if I had to leave the house for work.

Thor and Storm waiting for me :)

    Whenever I’m done with a client I get to see four faces happy to see me as soon as I walk in the house. It starts with Thor and Storm waiting at the door to say hi. Sometimes I can hear them scratching the door as if they are trying to say it’s time to end that so you can play with us. Then I get to see my wife’s smiling face get a kiss and hug and a question of “how’s work” and a statement of “I’m so happy you’re done work, now we can hang out”. She’s the best :). Then I go over to see Baby Bird and as soon as I say “hi” and smile at her, she smiles back with the cutest smile ever. I just keep watching, talking, and smiling at her before I pick her up because she just keeps smiling. Getting to have all that love every time I walk through the door just makes my day! Such a great feeling!

    If you have someone in your life that you really care about let them know the next time you see them. Doesn’t matter if it’s your wife, husband, child, or pet just show some love. Pass that feeling along because it’s so awesome to feel that kind of love. I’m feeling in a great mood today and I hope you are having a great day! 

- Papa Bird

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