In 10 Years...

    Papa Bird and I are planners and lately we’ve been discussing our future.  It’s actually kind of a fun exercise to visualize your life a decade from now.  Where will you be?  Where will you live?  How many kids will you have?  What will you look like?  Where will you be financially?  And I think it’s an important conversation to have with your significant other, because it’s not just about goals but also about dreams.  Your dreams as individuals, as a couple and as a family.  So here is a glimpse into our next ten years:

  1. Pay off our house.  It has always been a goal of ours to pay off our house as soon as possible.  Ever since we purchased our home, we put money aside each month to put towards our house at the end of the year.  Straight up, having a mortgage sucks.  And if you’re anything like Papa Bird and I, having any sort of debt is THE WORST.  So in the next ten years, goodbye mortgage.
  2. Move to Canmore.  Yup, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we are mountain lovers and we fully intend on making the move within the next ten years.  Not only do we want to go because it’s our favourite place, but we want the lifestyle.  We want to raise our kids in that environment, exposing them to all the various activities and adventures.  Currently, our predicament is the inability for me to obtain work in Canmore (because they do not have an MRI machine aka no jobs for me).  Which means, I would need to do a career switch, or find another means of making an income to afford the atrocious housing prices and be able to indulge in all the extreme sports.  But we are racking our brains and our determination will get us there eventually.
  3. Kids.  We definitely want to expand the ‘Sparrow’ clan.  Currently we are unsure if that means one or two more Baby Birds but definitely looking to grow the family.
  4. Dogs.  Obviously we hope our two pooches are still alive in 10 years.  They are a huge part of our family and it’s absolutely devastating to think that their life span could be up within the next decade.  But we hope they are miraculous dogs who beat the odds and are still healthy and thriving within the next 10 years.
  5. Physically.  Ten years puts Papa Bird at 40 and myself at 37.  It’s a goal of ours to continue to build physical strength over the years so we can experience life in the adventurous way we want.  We hope to push each other to try new activities and not be limited by any physical ailments.
  6. Financial Freedom.  This one kind of ties into ‘paying off our house’ but I think it deserves its own category.  It’s definitely a goal or ours to work towards financial freedom.  This doesn’t mean rich and swimming in money (which would be nice and we are not opposed to) but rather means not having to rely on ‘work’ to sustain living.  To obtain this in ten years would be pretty spectacular.  And as amazing as that would be it might be a bit far fetched.  So I would say our goal is just to be closer to financial freedom.  If we attain it then woohoo!
  7. Marriage.  Papa Bird and I have been together for 7 years this coming February.  Add ten more years and that marks 17 years!  It’s definitely a goal of ours to maintain our relationship to the highest quality.  Every year we have grown stronger and closer together and we make conscious effort to ensure that happens.  In ten years I foresee us being closer than ever with a healthy, lively, relying marriage.  (Maybe we will even do a mountain vow renewal…)

In summary, when we close our eyes and picture ten years from now it’s life in a beautiful mountain home with our dogs and kids.  It’s waking up to snowy hills and sipping coffee by the fire.  It’s fat biking and snowboarding and rock climbing as a family.  It’s building traditions and spending quality time together.  It’s trying new things and being fearless.  It’s trusting and depending on one another to grow independently and as a family.  It’s healthy kids, healthy parents, healthy dogs.  It’s a happy, well functioning, supportive family.  It’s simple but adventurous.  It’s us growing older and closer.  It’s love at its absolute finest. Let me pass the question off to you, where do you want to be in 10 years? Let me know in the comments below.

- Mama Bird

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Thumbnail photo taken by Ashley Toon of First Glance Studios