Immunization Day

    Well today was Baby Birds immunizations and I have to say it went better than I expected! Having heard all sorts of horror stories of screaming infants and traumatized parents, I was a bit anxious for this morning. But regardless, both Papa Bird and I are firmly on the immunization train! We strongly believe in the importance of vaccinations and their role in the prevention of diseases. So it was non-optional for us to go through with today. And conveniently, the nurses had organized us to also be updated on our vaccines and we even got our flu shots. Only downfall...both of us have two sore arms now which makes carrying Baby Bird a bit tricky lol. 

    All of our experiences with the Healthy Beginnings Clinic have been really great! The nurses we have had are just outstanding. With today's appointment I only expected it to be a quick visit. Get in, get the shots, get out. But they measured and weighed Baby Bird and then plotted her growth on their growth chart and went over it with us. They were open to us asking questions about anything. I had to fill out a short questionnaire sheet in regards to how I was coping mentally. And then the nurse went over that and was very open and non-judgemental about talking about what's normal and not normal. It really was great to feel like I could tell her the truth about everything, the emotional ups and downs, the anxiety associated with not being able to accomplish everything, the frustration of not being able to do everything I used to do, and the exhausting mental growth that is required to be patient in literally every area of your new life. And still I left feeling confident in being a new mom. Like wow. How incredible is that? We got reassurance that my breastfeeding ability is going well, which is so relieving. I never thought breastfeeding would be so stressful, but it honestly has been really hard. I often question whether I have a good supply and if Baby Bird is getting enough. And if I feel like my supply is a bit low or that I can't pump a bottle I really internalize it. As a new mom all you want to do is provide the basic needs for your baby and when you physically can't do that, man is it ever tough to process that.  So I cannot stress enough how important that reassurance today was. 

    On top of the emotional support I felt today, the nurse was very thorough about explaining all of our vaccines: what they were, what they protected against, and any potential reactions both normal and abnormal. Her bedside manner was exceptional. She answered all of our questions and she was very gentle with the injections. Even Baby Bird only let out two big cries and then she was totally fine. How great is that! 

    So whether you are choosing to immunize your child or not, I highly suggest at least making that first appointment. It will allow you to ask every question you may have or discuss any uncertainties you might be dealing with. You're not expected to know everything and these nurses are there to help you make the right decisions in the best interest of you and your baby bird.

    Overall a successful morning! Now this afternoon is full of snuggles and comfort as Papa Bird and I soothe our sore arms and Baby Bird her sore legs.

- Mama Bird