I'm So Happy!

     Just a quick little update here about Thor and his ACL problem. We had our meeting with the surgeon yesterday. I was going into it very anxious and worried but also with a little bit of hope. You see, the past couple days he started to walk normally and even though it was a long shot, there was a part of me that thinking maybe he won't have to get surgery and it will all be ok.....


.....Well guess what? THAT HAPPENED! The surgeon gave Thor a very thorough analysis and came to the conclusion that it's only a partially torn ACL. Which means no surgery! He said that quite often in situations like this it can recover with rest so only short walks for right now and no big playing for Thor. Just keep it casual and should slowly get better. There is the possibility of a surgery down the road if it is degenerative or something drastically changes which we will be able to see within a couple weeks but for now no surgery! 

Very happy day! The whole family is super happy! I just wanted to update you in case you were wondering and I hope you have a great day today!

- Papa Bird