How To Make A Spooktacular Halloween Party

    Being that Halloween is just around the corner it’s time to make sure you have what you need to make a great party.  And being that I’m a Halloween expert (at least in my mind I am haha) I thought I would pass along some advice so you can create an amazing atmosphere, fun time, and have people screaming for more, muah ha ha ha ha. Here’s the 7 things you need to know:

1. Costumes are a must

Everybody has to wear a costume or they can’t get into the party. That’s just weak if someone comes without a costume.

2. Creativity is key

Draw off inspiration from movies or tv, books, haunted houses, or your own imagination. Have skeletons posed a certain way or have spiders crawling everywhere or zombies jumping out at you. Use your friends as living props and really have some fun. You can go spine-chilling scary or just monster movie spooky. The possibilities truly are endless.

3. You need to have a game

Come up with some sort of party game, preferably Halloween inspired, but any game will do. Anybody can throw a party where you just drink and hang out. Going above and beyond and creating a game specific for that night will not go unnoticed. The first year we did our Halloween party we didn’t have a game planned and it didn’t have a good flow to the night, so I said never again. The next year was minute-to-win-it games. Then ‘Halloween Hollywood Games Night’. Then ‘Halloween Jeopardy’. And this year is...sorry I can’t give that away in case any of our guests are reading this. It has to be a surprise. (On a side note if you want the format or documents of my previous Halloween games let me know in the comments below and I can make them available)

4. Halloween Themed food and drink

There needs to be Halloween themed food and drink at the party. It may not have to all be Halloween themed but at least some of it. Wether it’s a sick pumpkin “puking” guacamole or ghost chocolate pretzels or monster cupcakes or pumpkin cookies try and do some of the food Halloweenie.  (Mama Bird will be doing a Halloween foodie post later this week should you need some ideas.)

Mama Bird made some fake boards out of foam-board

5. Do some DIY to throw it over the top

If you can find the time to do it and are crafty enough to do so, some DIY decor can really stand out. Although those pop-up shops can have lots of great stuff, most times it can’t withstand much use and is generally over priced. If you have the skills and creativity there are tons of tutorials online to whip up some ghoulish decor (I know, I’m such a nerd for Halloween haha. I just love it)

6. Keep people guessing. Switch it up

Never do the same theme, layout the decor the same way, or do the same game two years in a row. One year I had all the decor be pop-up and scare you animatronics. The next year it was just creative Halloween scenes and some people were walking around tensing up waiting for that one thing to pop out at them but it never did. (Hehe)

7. Never make it Halloween night

Unless you want a smaller number of people don’t make it Halloween night. Most people either have plans for their kids or they want to hand out candy. If you have it on Halloween night you will constantly be interrupted by kids ringing the door bell so best to pick a different day. 

    There you have it, 7 steps to insure that your Halloween party will be fang-tastic (Ok last Halloween pun for this post, I promise). Don’t forget to like, share, and let me know what you are planning for your Halloween party down in the comments below.

                                    -  Papa Bird

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