How To Be Organized and Stay On Track With A New Baby

    Anybody who has a child can attest to the fact that life gets pretty crazy and chaotic (in a great way) extremely quickly.  What used to be a simple minimalistic life can progress into the early "hoarder" stage rapidly if you don’t ensure structure and organization are prioritized to help you through it. Here are some tips:

Get On the Same Schedule

  • None of this is even going to come close to working if you and your spouse are not on the same page. Have the conversation and figure out what level of organization and planning each of you want and discuss how to move forward. Are you wanting to still have your weekly poker night? Are you wanting to have your weekly girl's wine night? Make sure you figure out what regular events you still want in your schedule now that you have a baby, if any at all. I suggest making a shared calendar for your phones that has a very in depth look at each of your schedules. Before Baby Bird came along Mama Bird was still on the flip book day planner where she would write out everything while I had mine all through my iCloud account that syncs to whatever device I’m on. This made it hard to plan days because we would constantly have to be checking with each other before committing to plans. If you have a shared calendar then all that back and forth goes away because you can see when your spouse has work, is hanging out with friends, going to a sporting event, etc. This makes it MUCH easier to plan doctors appointments, visitors coming to see the baby, or anything else that might pop up.

Food Prep

These were all the shepherds pie trays we made

  • Like I’ve said before it’s the 80 / 20 rule, 80% of the results are made in the kitchen. This means you need good healthy meals ready to go for those chaotic times when cooking is not a viable option. This also means cooking ahead of time and not waiting until there is no more food left. This goes for both pre-baby and post-baby. Before Baby Bird was born Mama Bird and I sat down and figured out what type of meals we wanted in the freezer for after the baby was born. We both wanted a variety of meals that we could pop in the oven or microwave if the days or weeks got too crazy and there wasn’t enough time to grocery shop and cook. We started a month before the baby was born and had the freezer stocked full of shepherds pie trays, chicken soup, taco meat, pasta sauce, and what I call my Papa Bird meals (chicken, rice, cabbage, celery all mixed up. Meals so boring only I could get excited about them haha). We also asked my mom to make some meals for us which was a big help as it gave us even more food to stock pile for after the baby. All the food we stock piled in the freezer lasted us for a month and a half of minimal grocery shopping and cooking. It was definitely worth it. This also goes for after those initial transition weeks. Before the food runs out, plan a day that you are going to go to the grocery store and do meal prepping for the week because it makes a big difference to have meals ready go at a moments notice versus cooking from scratch for each meal. If you know that you will be out of food on Wednesday don’t wait until Wednesday to go grocery shopping. Go on Tuesday so you have time to food prep and get it ready for when your meals run out on Wednesday.

Sex Life

  • I think it’s safe to say that no one wants scheduled sexy time. If you see in your shared calendar, at 9pm you have intimate time lined up with your spouse it may take some of the excitement out of the sensual act. After the baby though, not only do you have to wait until the 6 week mark to start going at each other, but after busy days it can be quite difficult to want to put effort into the bedroom. Plan it out, put it in the calendar, stick to it even if you feel tired, and do what you can to get into it and get the job done. It doesn’t have to be perfect, fireworks don’t have to go off, but it will help you get back on track and before you know it fireworks will go off. It’s just like fake smiling, there have been studies that prove if you purposefully fake smile it will eventually turn into a real smile and make you feel good. With sex you may have to go through some mediocre sessions to get back on track with the great ones. And you never know maybe you’ll even have a better sex life after the baby.

Baby Bird's sleepers all rolled up and ready to go


  • One thing that Mama Bird and I found is that you get a lot of clothes as gifts from people when they find out that you’re having a baby. This is great because those little ones go through outfits really fast. However, you don’t just want a drawer full of onesies and sleepers all random sizes. When you're dressing a baby you need to be efficient because you have about 10 seconds before they have a complete meltdown. So although it may be time consuming to go through every outfit and check the size and organize them, it is SO worth it. I took every outfit that wasn’t a ‘newborn’ outfit and rolled it up, put an elastic around it, labelled it and put it in the bottom of the drawer in order of when we would need them. Trust me this helped so much, not having to check to see if the desired outfit was a reasonable contender.

Friends and Family

  • As I’m sure my friends can attest there were some weeks, when Baby Bird was first born, that I wasn’t as available for the usual hang out or small talk. This wasn’t on purpose but merely a result of transitioning into my new life and wanting to focus my attention on our beautiful baby.  It was easy to lose track of time, forget to rely to text messages, and just overall drop the ball a little bit. So even if you’re not a calendar planner, I suggest you do it so that you can still get to see your friends and family and enjoy that quality time (while simultaneously preventing those relationships from souring.)

    With all of the busyness that comes with a new baby it's important to start your planning early so you can stay organized and prevent unnecessary stress. It seriously makes it much easier on you, your spouse, and your new baby and is totally worth the extra work. What do you do to stay organized with your new baby? Let me know in the comments below.

                                        - Papa Bird

Thumbnail photo taken by Amy Amirault Photography

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