Hitting The Wall

    What is ‘hitting the wall?’ It’s when you experience a “crash” from extreme exertion in sports such as cycling or running.  Where you lose all energy and have sudden onset fatigue because your muscles literally have no more glycogen stored. It’s a terrible process and although I have never experienced it physically, I can only imagine that it is a disastrous trip that messes with your mind and body. Is there is a mental equivalent to ‘hitting the wall?’ Where instead of the physical turmoil you feel, it’s your brain that crashes and you mentally can’t do what you want? If there is, I recently went through it and it sucked.

    When you are planning to do big races like marathon runners and bikers do, proper preparation can make or break your race. It means not only training for an extended period of time beforehand but also fuelling your body appropriately while training and ultimately while racing. It means proper food at the proper time to have a good race. The same goes for life, if you don’t properly prepare yourself you’re not going to achieve excellence in this race. 

    I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and when I decide to do something it needs to be done exactly how I picture it. So I push until it gets to that point of self-approval. But sometimes this mentality hinders me and I guess it takes “hitting the wall” for me to realize it. The best way I can describe it is that there is a huge list in my brain of things I HAVE to do and when I can’t seem to execute it properly my mind goes haywire. It’s when I need that time with my friends (because that is so important to me), but having a hard time leaving Baby Bird’s side. It’s that feeling of guilt for wanting to have fun away from Baby Bird while knowing that I still do need to have my own fun. And at the same time, knowing that Baby Bird needs me to be there. It’s feeling like the dogs deserve more exercise and play time and trying to figure out how to give them more. It’s seeing that work is slower than I want and trying to come up with innovative ideas and yet none of them seem to stick and so I end up doing none of them. It’s sitting down to write for this blog but writing a couple sentences for one article and then realizing another great idea so I jump to that one and so on and so on. It’s knowing that I want to go fat biking all the time but not actually going because I feel there won’t be enough time to get a good ride in. It’s making sure that my workouts are the best they can possibly be but then struggling through them because I’m tired and feel pressured to be my best. It’s making sure the house is perfectly cleaned and organized but then being to quick with cleaning that I miss spots. It’s making sure that Mama Bird and I get enough quality time on top of all of this because without that beautiful woman, I would go crazy. 

    That’s what was going on in my head and my mind was going in so many directions. Once I’m like that, I don’t hide it very well and Mama Bird picks up on my cues. So she asks about what is going on and I try to explain it. We talk it out and I realize I need go about it differently. All these situations I am worried about can all be achieved. I just need to revamp my strategy to take it all on because there is enough time for Baby Bird, my friends and family, the dogs, my work, the blog, biking, my workout time, staying clean and organized, and quality time with Mama Bird. Now it may not be doable every day but I can definitely fit that in on a weekly basis. It’s about dedicating time to each of these things and when I’m doing said activity, that’s all I’m doing in that moment. Maybe it’s going for coffee or lunch with the homies if there is no time at night. Maybe it’s deciding I’m going to go biking 3 times a week for good quality rides rather than try and fit it in everyday. Maybe it’s sitting down and writing but finishing the piece I was writing on, even if it’s not up to par, because I can always edit later.  At least that way I feel I finished something. Maybe it’s completely “unplugging” and dedicating a set amount of time where it’s just me, Baby Bird, and Mama Bird and realizing how great that time with my family is, because they’re pretty great :) All I needed to do was step back and realize what was going on, revamp my strategy, and then reapproach it with a new mindset.

    Realize, revamp, reapproach. I feel so much better already. I can’t wait to come at these situations in this new way and crush it. If it falls out of line again down the road then I just need to do my Triple R strategy. If you’re feeling like you are “hitting the wall” then maybe it’s time to apply the Triple R strategy to your life. Maybe it will make a big change. I think it will make a big change for me. Best of luck. Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you like this post and like what we do on this blog, we encourage you to like and share on social media, thanks for reading!

                               - Papa Bird